Germany Wins!!

I just finished watching the Germany v Argentina match and it was pretty damn good. I’ll admit that I like watching soccer a bit more now. Compared to other sports its nice that soccer doesn’t really stop the game that much for stuff like time outs and what have you. Today’s game ended in a shoot out with Germany making 4 goals to Argentina’s 2.

Next up is the match with Italy v Ukraine. That one should be interesting but I’m more interested in the other matches. I’m anxios to see how Brazil does.

Oh glorious Friday!!

Ahhh today is pretty awesome so far. Today I woke up slightly later than I normally do (thats because of the cat or else I would have woken up even later) and set about to TELECOMMUTE for the day. This is one of the best things ever invented on the planet for office workers. Not only do I get to stay home, but I can do all my regular work as if I was in the office but just without the distractions of my co-workers. I have the added benefit of being able to actually make use of my home computer today which I don’t do nearly enough.

Today I’m going to be testing out my GPS stuff that I just got yesterday for my phone. It looks really promising even though the maps are a bit on the dated side for Florida. If this was for the north east I’m sure I wouldn’t have a problem since no one is building roads up that way anymore. I also have to actually hit up my bank and make a deposit. I haven’t done something like that in a long time since all my stuff is done electronically most of the time.

I’m also going to spend some time with my older cat Thumper since I’ve been away quite a bit during the month of June. He’s the affectionate one although my wife differs in that opinion and calls him annoying. I can see her point of view though since he loves waking us up at 6 every single day. He normally starts keeping quiet when I pet him or somehting in the morning. I’ll let him run around and play with the laser pen I have since he enjoys doing that.

The rest of the weekend should be pretty good too. I have a 4 day weekend! Thank you 4th of July!! 4th of July means tons of 4th of July sales and of course that means tons of shopping. AWESOME! I’m heading to the Prime Outlets at Ellenton in order to pick up some clothing for work since I’m getting kind of tired of the polo’s and I figure I might as well get some button down shirts since I’m low on those. I’m also going to get an exercise bike and I’ll probably sell the trusty Nordic Track because my back really hurts after I use it. Hopefully I can put the bike downstairs since the Nordic Track disturbed the neighbors and currently sits upstairs on the loft along with my computer. Time to get to work!! 🙂

World Cup vs. Olympics

I will be the first to admit that I am not an avid watcher of sports. So far the only things I’ll really watch is stuff like the super bowl, NY Yankee baseball, and tennis if its one of the four major tournaments unless I’m going to see it live, oh and X-Games because that shit is just super cool to see. Just this past year I think the Olympics were on for the winter, I can’t remember since I had just about zero interest in watching it and neither did a lot of other people. However now that the World Cup is on, people are leaving work and taking really long breaks to watch it. I’ve seen people with streaming video on their PC’s with highlights of the games.

I find this kind of interesting that there is so much more interest in the World Cup than there is for the Olympics. They both have a lot of similarities in my view. They both occur only once every 4 years in a different location around the globe, there are national teams from all over the world competing, but the major difference is that the World Cup is just soccer (or football to all you international people) wheras the Olympics encompasses a lot of sports. World Cup coverage in the US has been pretty good so far with tons of matches being showcased on ESPN and ABC even though the US team is pretty lousy when it comes to soccer on the international stage. Maybe thats part of the appeal, the US isn’t a major player in the sport and it gives the rest of the planet a chance to cheer for someone else or see someone else take the crown………

They do say that soccer is the worlds sport. I know that people all over the world except for the US go crazy for this sport which is probably why attendance is so high at the World Cup compared to the Olympics. Germany has so many stadiums in its country dedicated to soccer that it must be giving the whole country a huge economic boost wheras the Olympics are really centered on just one small location in a country. I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the World Cup even though I have to Tivo it. The only World Cup final that I remember is the one in 1998 and that final was kind of dull by ending in a shoot out. I hope that FIFA has changed things around a bit so that the final has to be played out all the way till there is a clear winner, sudden death over time baby!!!!!!!!!

Thursday shall be glorious!

Why is Thursday going to be so super sweet?? Well for one thing, I’m getting the GPS software and Bluetooth attena for my Treo at the office via FedEx, secondly, two of the movies that I rented from Blockbuster are coming as well so its not going to be another boring evening of watching bad re-runs on TV, and three I’m getting some extra moolah in the bank for some work I did last week. Ahhhhh what a wonderful day, can’t wait till tomorrow comes around. Now if I could only find a way to get out of work early, say when I receive my package with my GPS stuff, that would make it the ultimate day as far as work days go.

Tivo plus Yahoo is just simply awesome

I’ve had Yahoo for quite a while but for the past few months I’ve been using Yahoo TV listings to set up recordings on my Tivo. I have to say that its super sweet. Right now the world cup is on and its always during the day so I can never watch it. Since I’m lazy and don’t like using the Tivo to look up shows, I’ve been using Yahoo TV instead and just scheduling it from whatever PC I’m using. I have to say I love this feature. I’ve also experimented with some of the other features like traffic reports and weather but thats less useful to me right now.

I have just finished scheduling the Germany v Argentina game thats set for Friday. That game is going to be totally bad ass! Can’t wait to see it when I get home on Friday night.

World Cup 2006

Lately like the rest of the planet, I’ve been watching World Cup Soccer. Its been really interesting to watch all the different national teams play each other and also hear the fans in the background chanting as well. It’s too bad that USA soccer got bumped from the tournament but when I see these other countries play soccer, its just obvious they are so much better than USA soccer. Right now the teams that I’m most interested in is Brazil (of course), England, and Germany.

Right now I’m watching the Brazil/Ghana game and I just saw one of the really awesome forwards for Brazil basically dribble the ball into the goal past the Ghana goalie for a world record breaking 15 goals in the world cup. And Brazil scored within the starting five minutes of play! Now thats what I call some awesome soccer! I can’t wait to see who’s in the finals, I’m figuring I’m taking the day off to see that game. Hopefully it won’t end in a shoot out like one of the other world cups that I saw in the past. It needs to be more exciting than that.

Yeah baby, I’m getting GPS!

This past weekend I decided to get a GPS bundle for my Treo. Most people probably would get one just as a standalone but those suckers are so expensive! The one I wanted was around $600 and I think thats a little too much. Instead I opted to get a TomTom GPS bundle with a Bluetooth receiver. The one I bought was a little over $200 which isn’t bad and I got a car cradle for it too so I can mount it on my dash board so I can see where the maps on the screen. Although the screen is a bit small, I think this will be awesome for when I go to different cities that I’m not familiar with. The GPS unit is small enough to carry in my pocket and lasts for about 10 hours powered on. It should be here by Thursday 🙂