Trying out the CardNinja


One of my goals is to try and eliminate my wallet and I think I’ve somewhat succeeded.  Behold the CardNinja!  I actually have a wallet case for my personal phone but the problem I had with it is that it only held 3 cards and maybe some money.  That wasn’t nearly enough to replace my wallet, especially on the road when I have to bring my corporate card.  I’ve more than once forgotten to switch out my personal and business cards which was getting a bit annoying.  I also knew I didn’t want to buy a new wallet case for my work phone because I am most likely upgrading to the iPhone 7 for work and who knows what kind of case I’m going to need for that one.

I was browsing the interweb as usual and came across this gem when I was looking for deals on just whatever online.  I bought a couple of these to try out.  It just sticks to the case or the phone and can be peeled off later.  The picture shows my work phone with my work credit card in it.  So far its pretty snug in there and I don’t really notice the extra bulk of the CardNinja.  The real test will come next week when I have to go flying for work to see how this thing holds up.  I’m a little less gentle with my work cell but it still sports an Otterbox case which was more than I provided to my 5S which just had a screen protector.

Depending on how this works out, I might transfer back to the Otterbox case with the CardNinja for my personal phone and use my wallet case on my work phone.  I’m trying to get down to the smallest footprint for work and home in what I carry.  I’m still waiting for the day that almost everything is done by NFC or they just scan something on my phone screen, then I won’t need to carry all this crap with me anymore.

I want a touch screen Mac!

I’ve been following this argument online for a while and I think it’s time that Apple come to the realization that having a touch screen computer that runs OSX would be awesome!  I’ve tried using an iPad Pro at a store and I have an iPad Air 2 as a personal device but I want something closer to the Surface Pro that has ports and other shit so that I can connect my devices and load the content onto the computer.  I can use my regular MacBook for that but I kind of want that 2 in 1 device now as a personal device.

I’m personally fine if they want to make everything USB-C or something as a connector for power but I just want to be able to navigate OSX with my finger instead of using a touch pad.  I’ve come into some instances where I want to touch something on the screen since it’s so much like my iPad but I can’t make anything happen unless I use the mouse.  Access to the file system is pretty important these days for me now that I have a NAS.  I want to put stuff in the NAS but I might need it on my computer first and I wan to be able to organize it the way I want to.  The cloud isn’t good for everything and the there are some things I just don’t want floating around in cyberspace.

While the Mac App Store is nice, a convergence of the two app stores and being able to use touch, type, and mouse would be awesome.  Imagine taking something like a hybrid device and hooking it up to a 4K display!  And actually having it be useful to you as well from a computing stand point from a device that more in line with a tablet or as a real computer when you need it.  I think it’s only a matter of time before Apple has to do this, there are too many Windows variants out there and the fact that my work computer lets me touch the screen is pretty freaking awesome.  Now if I could only use it to write with a pen or something, that would be the ultimate!

I think the closest that I’ve seen to a good touch screen computer is the Microsoft Surfacebook.  I tried one out at my local Best Buy and it was a pretty decent machine.  I like that I can draw on it, remove the screen, but still have a mouse and keyboard when I want one.  I didn’t spend too much time with it but I configured one online and good lord it was expensive.  For that price I’ll just keep my 2011 MacBook Pro and my iPad Air 2 and switch between the devices.  But who knows, maybe them touch screen Mac is in the pipeline and we just haven’t been introduced to it yet.  I guess I’ll have to wait till WWDC to see what’s coming.