Drawing with Procreate

I’ve been trying to indulge in my creativity by using my iPad Pro to practice drawing. I’m also using it for note taking at work using OneNote but off hours I’m trying to experiment with Procreate. I have used programs like Photoshop in the past but trying to draw using a mouse and keyboard is kind of difficult. Using a pen and tablet makes drawing much easier. When I was using my iPad Air 2 I used a pen by Paper by 53. It was pretty good but the thing I didn’t like was the squishy point. The Apple Pencil has a more firm point so its easier to draw.

I decided to draw Sharka, which is a character by Crazy Shirts that I saw a long time ago on a visit to Hawaii. I have a lot of shirts with his likeness on it and it was relatively simple to draw.

I added a pineapple and a palm tree too just for fun. I definitely liked using all the layers to refine the picture. I just need to start coloring it in and then it will be complete. I’m just trying to think of what sort of background I should draw in. Definitely something that’s Hawaiian but I haven’t decided what. I’m experimenting with some other drawings at the moment but this one is the most complete. The one feature that I do wish they had was a way to draw perfect shapes like circles and the like. There is a way to draw straight lines but I need circles and things with soft edges for some of my drawings that I’m attempting.

I think my 5th grade level drawings aren’t so bad. I think I’ll start drawing Pokémon for my daughter so that I can get better. Maybe my next one that I post online will be Pikachu or some other character that I remember from season 1 (can’t believe they’re on Season 21 now). I subbed drawing for creative blogging tonight, if there is time I’ll draw some tomorrow or start coloring in my Sharka.


iPad Pro for me!

I upgraded from my iPad Air 2 to a new iPad Pro 10.5. I know that its really late in the cycle to upgrade but given the rumors that the new iPad Pro is going to use FaceID, I decided to get the 10.5. The real reason I wanted it was to use the Apple Pencil. I could have gotten the cheaper iPad but I wanted a ton of storage and I wanted the four speakers too since I use this to watch a lot of movies while on the road.

Of course I have the pencil and it works great. I’ve been using it at work to take some notes in Notability which I then port over to OneNote. I also sprung for the keyboard which I’m enjoying. I don’t have to pair it with Bluetooth and it works really fast too for typing. I like to also use it as a more secure stand than the regular flip cover. I try and do a lot of my typing work for personal stuff on the road on the iPad Pro now rather than risk using my work laptop. It just seems safer that way.

I’ve been making good use of Paper by 53 but I think its time to step up my game and graduate to Procreate. I’ve been watching some videos on how to use the app and I especially like the layers feature. I created 2 hand drawn cards using the iPad Pro using Paper by 53. The palm rejection is awesome and so is the way that you can draw with the pencil. Truthfully, the last iPad that I bought was the iPad Mini 2, that iPad now belongs to my daughter. The iPad Air is too useful to sell so that’s my upstairs iPad. The MacBook Pro still has a purpose, there are still too many things that are better on a computer than on an iPad. But stuff like typing up this blog post, the iPad is actually a better medium than the computer.

One of the things I did add to this iPad Pro was something that I have on my original iPad and my iPad 2 which is a matte screen protector. I’ve watched a few videos on YouTube and apparently the writing experience is better since its more ‘paper like’. I haven’t really noticed a difference in my writing or drawing but the one thing that is awesome is how much less finger prints I have to wipe away from the screen. Also it seems easier to swipe and do multi touch gestures with the screen protector on. I had my wife put the screen protector on because she’s much better at it than me, but they need to make this similar to the glass screen protectors for easier application.

I’d write more with the iPad Pro, but there isn’t enough time to make a lot of blog entries. I like this new iPad Pro a lot though, it was definitely money well spent and with the extra storage, I might even get into a little video editing with my Go Pro and DJI Spark videos.