Not all extended car warranties are bad

Extended car warranties aren’t half bad.  I’ve actually used the one I bought for my van a couple of times now and it’s basically paid for itself.  Most advice is to shun said warranties because of their cost and maybe you won’t use it so you’re out some money but it’s like insurance, you pay a ton of cash for a service you may or may not use.  To date I’ve had the timing belt tensioner replaced (my most recent repair) and the engine mounts replaced.  All told that would have set me back $2K which was about the price I paid for the warranty.

So why a warranty for my van?  For one thing it’s a Touring Elite so it is jam packed with every electronic device that Honda could put into it in 2012.  Also I had read that there might be engine or transmission troubles based on some past models that concerned me and since I knew the van would be used a lot it made sense to me to get the extended warranty for the power train.  The warranty covered all the electronics too and from my experience with my older Acura, that can cause all types of headaches but so far so good on that front (knock on wood).  The process itself was simple enough, just give Honda (yes I go to the dealer for repairs but only those that aren’t routine) the phone number for claims and they do all the paper work to get paid and I just drive away after signing that the work is complete.

Now I didn’t get an extended warranty for my Accord because it is just an airport car.  I’ve owned it for almost 4 years and I’m still under 12K miles and the Accord has been solid except for the radio but that’s pervasive with the car and there’s nothing I can do to fix it.  Also since it’s an airport car it just drives on the highway so it’s not subject to a lot of stop and go daily driving and I bought a lower model so it doesn’t have all the nice electronic goodies my van has (can you tell that I love my van?).



The particular warranty that I got for the van was from a place called Warranty Direct which is a third party provider.  This is helpful to me since I can go anywhere for repairs and I can use Warranty Direct rather than having to go to a specific dealership.  Rick Case Honda which is where I normally get service has their own free 10 year 100K mile warranty but you have to get the work done at their dealership.  I also didn’t buy my car from there and Autonation Honda of Hollywood didn’t offer such an awesome extended warranty.  Not to mention its really far away from my home and I don’t want to go there just for service.  My car might not make it in the event of a bad defect.  Depending on the next car I get, I might get another extended warranty but thats what research is for or unless I get a really awesome deal, then I’m getting it anyway with the savings.

2018 Travel is not starting out well

Well 2018 travel is so far a bust. I thought this year would be good since I have status and stuff but turns out that isn’t the case at all. I’m trapped here in NJ until Saturday essentially because of a huge ass snow storm that came out of nowhere essentially. There isn’t really that much snow on the ground so its not like there’s over a foot of snow that needs digging. There weren’t any flights leaving Newark so I’m going to have to drive all the way down to Philadelphia tomorrow evening so I can catch a Saturday morning flight. What weakness!!!

Now I’m here back in the Embassy Suites in NJ eating Wendy’s (because Jersey has terrible eating options and I’m not in the mood to drive far for better food) typing up this blog post since I don’t have a lot of other things to do other than watching YouTube or surfing the internet. I’m not looking forward to the drive tomorrow after work and even less of staying near the airport which is so close but my flight is so far away in terms of time. If my luck holds I might not be coming to Jersey for much longer and instead will be going to California again which I don’t mind. At least its not nearly as cold and I will rake in the miles since I’m American Airlines platinum pro. I’m not going to get free upgrades but getting 80% bonus miles is definitely a huge plus.

I’m hoping the drive tomorrow is uneventful. At least my rental car has CarPlay and a nice powerful engine to speed down I-95. Here’s hoping my flight on Saturday isn’t all messed up.

First blog post of 2018!

Just to make sure that I don’t miss the month of January for my blog, I’m writing this now on the very first day of the new year. Last year I unwittingly missed an entire month of not writing anything which was unusual for me. I at least write ONE thing a month and its far from my goal of 100 posts a year but there has not been anything interesting to write about lately.

Let see, there will be no New Years resolutions again this time around, why make promises to myself that I have no intention of keeping? It makes life less stressful that I’m not meeting some personal goal, if I feel strongly about something I’ll end up doing it eventually anyway. There are some good vacations that the family has already planned for 2018 so I have at least that to look forward to. It’s just counting the days between vacations that will be difficult since it will be filled with a pesky thing called work that I can’t wait to retire from. No matter how many blogs or articles I read that say “you should work in retirement because you’ll get bored” are full of bullshit because the article is obviously are written by people that are not retired. The only real reason to work in retirement would be for money and insurance. And even then, I’d try and find a way to avoid work at all costs, why do I want to work when I’m old?

Tomorrow starts another short week of work, the bag is packed, the flight and hotel are checked in, and I’m definitely not looking forward to going to New Jersey of all places on this planet. Anyway, thats enough ranting for the first of the year, time to enjoy the rest of the day with my family 🙂