Rediscovering Firefox

Back in the days of yore, I used a web browser called Netscape. Netscape eventually died off but out of its ashes came a browser called Firefox. For a long time this was the only alternative to Internet Explorer and before Chrome was even a thing. I recently saw on my news feed that Firefox … Continue reading Rediscovering Firefox

Struggling with my MacBook Pro

I spent a good amount of the afternoon struggling with my MacBook Pro because for some reason it wouldn't boot up.  During the boot sequence I kept on getting green lines going horizontally across the screen and it would never finish its boot sequence, the computer would just stay at a blank white screen and … Continue reading Struggling with my MacBook Pro

Continued Windows 10 Update Frustrations

I'm writing this post on my daughters HP Stream 13 that my father bought her a couple of years ago and I've been trying to update it without success.  The problem is the need to have 5GB of free space on the drive which is something that I don't have.  I think I've tried for … Continue reading Continued Windows 10 Update Frustrations

Re-Installing Windows Still SUCKS

I managed to royally screw up my daughter's computer when I was trying to delete the recovery partition because I wanted the latest and greatest Windows 10 updates.  The screw up was so bad that I am actually re-installing Windows 10 right now.  I haven't done this in a long time and it brings back … Continue reading Re-Installing Windows Still SUCKS

Windows 8 is a FAIL

Okie dokie.  I've been a Windows user since I was a freshman in highschool and back then I wasn't even allowed into Windows unless my teacher said I could go because the programs that I was using were DOS based (thats Disk Operating System to you youngins).  Windows 3.0 and 3.1 were pretty horrible.  There … Continue reading Windows 8 is a FAIL

It’s not a good weekend for my tech

Well this weekend has been a total bust when it comes to the technology I use at home. I've spent the better part of the weekend trying to get everything back in working order and its taken hours to get there (I'm still doing updates right now). I was hoping for a nice quiet weekend … Continue reading It’s not a good weekend for my tech

Windows 7 coming out strong

This past week Microsoft finally released Windows 7 to the masses as THE OS to get to run all the latest and greatest things that keep our lives connected in the digital age.  I've been running Windows 7 for a little while now as a release candidate and as an MSDN member and I gotta … Continue reading Windows 7 coming out strong

TweetDeck – Twitter app for Desktops and iPhone

I am once again trying out some new software to help keep up with my social network and one that came highly recommended on the net is Tweet Deck.  Tweet Deck comes in two different varieties, the iPhone version and the Desktop version.  I'm using both of them at the moment and it seems like … Continue reading TweetDeck – Twitter app for Desktops and iPhone