I got an iPhone 5s

Ok in my previous post from about a month ago I said I was going to pass on the iPhone 5s because it just didn’t make a lot of sense from a financial perspective. Well some things at work changed and it became an economically viable option in the past week or so. My job was offering a $100 rebate through AT&T if I bought the iPhone 5s or 5c if I was eligible for an upgrade. It so happened that I was eligible for an upgrade but the phone without the rebate was $199. What to do in cases like this? I would still be out $100 give or take. I decided to see if I could go ahead and and sell my work iPhone 4S to Apple and surprisingly they offered me about $200 for it. Given the new economics of the situation I decided to take the plunge and get a 16gb silver iPhone 5s as my work phone.

I won’t go into a review of the phone since there are plenty of other websites that have gone into it already. I’ll just highlight what I like about it personally. The first thing that I really really like is the Touch ID sensor that takes the place of the button on the front. I love how I can unlock my phone without having to actually type in the passcode when I want to log into the phone. The other thing that I like is how fast the phone is from a speed (not network) perspective. Compared to my personal iPhone 4S I can definitely see the difference in opening apps, using Siri, and playing games. I haven’t given it a full out test compared to my 4S but I think it will on most tests I throw at it.

The only thing that I don’t like about the phone is the larger screen. A lot of the reviews that I’ve read say how awesome it is that the screen is now bigger than the 4S. I personally think that the screen for the iPhone was perfect when it was only 3.5 inches compared to 4 inches for the iPhone 5 and 5s. I’m not a person with large hands so now it’s a bit difficult for me to use one hand with the phone. Other than that problem, I got say that I like the phone a lot. I can’t see myself upgrading my personal phone to a 5s, I think I’ll stick with my original plan and get the iPhone 6 and upgrade my wife’s phone at the same time next October. Tomorrow is the iPad event, I guess I’ll find out if I’m going to drop a few hundred dollars getting his and hers iPad minis or if only my wife will be the winner with sticking to my iPad 2.