iPhone 4S for Work

Tomorrow should be pretty good because I'm going to activate my work iPhone 4S to replace my myTouch 4G. For work I was allowed to choose the cheapest model iPhone for free which was pretty nice. The only limitation was that I have to keep the phone for two years instead of being able to … Continue reading iPhone 4S for Work

Year of the Dragon

Its officially Chinese New Year which means the year of the Dragon has begun. I've read a little on this topic on my off hours from work while I travel and I must admit its pretty interesting. It never really occurred to me before until I read about it that the year of the Dragon … Continue reading Year of the Dragon

Death of bit torrent

There has been a lot of talk in tech news circles about bit torrent sites going belly up recently due to the recent crack down by governments looking for ways to curb online piracy of media like movies and music. Media content creators and artists have been trying to combat this for ages. I remember … Continue reading Death of bit torrent