Lets Race!

My fiance has finally finished all the crash sections of the game Burnout 3. Now its time for me to get my groove on and do some hard hitting RACING! Anyone with a freakin pulse and an Xbox need to try out this game! So much for working out tonight, tonight is race night!


My kitten Nala has a problem recently with scratching herself. This started to happen after she received her routine shots. I let it go on for a few weeks to see if she would stop on her own. So far she hasn’t so I took her to the vet again to see what can be done. Well they gave me these pills that might help make her stop scratching since it’s supposed to ease the itchy area of her internally.

Well any pet owner knows that trying to give any animal a pill is hard stuff. This is made even harder since Nala doesn’t like to stay still or be confined in any way. Thumper I have no problems with, he’ll take a shot in the ass and not even meow. Now the area that Nala is scratching is around her neck area. The vet recommended I use wet food or something but I know that Thumper will eat it if he sees or even hears a can pop open. My only recourse is to try and hold her down. Hence my CHALLENGE twice a day. This involves grabbing her by the back of her neck (where it itches) and prying her mouth open and forcing her to swallow a pill. I’ve tried the nice way but this seems to work best. The only bad part is then she hates me for a few hours and runs away. I hope she stops itching so I don’t have to keep on giving her pills forcefully.

My new addiction

OK so this weekend I went out with my fiance and got a new Xbox game called Burnout 3: Takedown. I’ve read some reviews on the game and since they were pretty good I got it used at EB Games. Talk about addictive game play! I don’t normally like racing games because they’re kinda boring since you go round and round a track or something. There are many reasons to love this game but I’ll just name a few…..

Reason 1: TAKEDOWNS!
One of the coolest freakin things you can do in this game is take out your opponents. Most of the other driving games I’ve played punish you for hitting someone or something but this game actually rewards you for hitting a rival into a wall. Now thats just impressive all on its own and a reason why I am addicted to playing this game.

Reason 2: Crash Mode!
This is the mode my fiance plays the most since I’m really good at the driving part and beat her often. This one is totally bad ass. You get a car, some boost to go uber fast, and then you find a spot in an intersection with tons of cars and you just plow your way into it. The point? To cause the most damage of course!! My fiance is really good at this part of the game, we’re talking millions of dollars worth of damage wheras I can only maybe manage a few hundred thousand or so.

Reason 3: Unlockables!
So far I’ve had the game for about a day and already with the help of my fiance, we’ve gone through around half the game. We’ve unlocked a ton of cars and new race tracks that just keeps us coming back for more and more. When will it end???

Well thats it in a nutshell, if you own an Xbox, you MUST get this game. When I get home from work, I’m turning on my Xbox for some Burnout bliss 🙂

A gross gift from my cats

This morning was starting out OK. I got up, said goodbye to my fiance who had to go to the dentist, thought how awesome it was that it was Friday and that tonight is bowling night but what greets my eyes is a strange gift from one of my cats. I don’t know which one of them did it but one of them decided to throw up their dinner near the scratching posts. Now this isn’t a real big deal mind you since only the cats roam around the scratching post area but still it was pretty gross and kinda smelled. Using my trusty Petzyme, I sprayed that sucker till there was almost a little pool of liquid and let it sit there for the prescribed 10 minutes then I cleaned up what was left of the mess. This only happens when I change cat food and I have a feeling it might be Thumper since he’s not big on changing cat food. On the other hand Nala hasn’t thrown up yet since she’s been with me so it just might be here time to pass a hair ball or something. We’ll see what happens when I get home to see if there are any more “gifts” from Nala and Thumper.

Blue Collar Comedy Tour RULZ!

This weekend I watched the Blue Collar Comedy Tour movies, they debuted the second one on Sunday. I gotta say thats some funny shit! Now that I live in red neck country, a lot of things make a little more sense now. I recommend people see this, and the TV show thats on Friday evenings (only if you have nothing better to do on a Friday night)

Time for a new website design??

Well this is something I’ve been mulling over for a week or so now. I’m starting to get a bit bored with my current website design but I don’t know what to put in its place. Don’t get me wrong, I like how it is now but it seems bland and lacks a little something.

I’ve considered going back to the tried and true HTML type site but that doesn’t seem cool enough so I’m probably going to stick with Flash for now and maybe try and use some of my new found Action Script knowledge to make it look semi cool.

Anyway I don’t know I’m just rambling on because I’m bored and not in the mood to do work cuz its Friday. Bah only 5 more hours of this torture till I’m FREE!!