I have my iPad !

I am writing this blog post on my new iPad that I got this past week. I actually opened it last night and started adding applications and movies in order to test it out. So far everything it going pretty well, I’m trying to get the hang of typing on the iPad with it’s huge virtual keyboard which. Is taking some getting used to.

One thing that is a bit different is that a lot of the apps that I use on my iphone and ipod Touch are not yet ipad ready. What that means is that the app will still run but it will be in a small window that mimics the size of the iPhone. Don’t get me wrong it’s still usable but it doesn’t take advantage if the huge screen that the iPad offers.

The apps that I did find for the iPad though are pretty cool. The one that i see myself using the most while I’m on the road is the Kindle app to read all of my my books. I like that the text is much bigger on the screen of the iPad. I just have to purchase more books to add to my library. Some of the other apps like Weather Bug, Evernote, and Fluent News are awesome on the iPad. I’m currently waiting for a version of documents to go to be released which I hope is soon. Msny of the apps that I use on my iPhone have web site equivalents and I use them because the iphone screen wad so small. Now I don’t need so many apps and can use the full power of the web.

I put a screen protector on my iPad today with the help of Claire since she’s much better at that sort of thing than I am. The last thing that I am waiting for is the case which I ordered from Apple which is currently back ordered. Since I don’t have the case this week I won’t be taking the iPad with me on my travels.

More will come later. It’s time to try a few more movies and apps on this thing.


Blogging milestone: Over 800 Posts!

I was recently looking at my blog stats on WordPress when I realized that I have hit a pretty significant milestone, over 800 posts have been written since January 2005.  This is actually the 802nd post on my blog.  I started this blog one day while at work in Tampa on a whim on Blogger.  This was before Blogger was snapped up by Google and was considered one of the best services for free blogs.  I might even have the original CSS code floating around somewhere.  Back then (man do I sound old) in order to change how a blog looked, you’d have to be pretty well versed in HTML or in CSS so that it came out looking right.  These days there are tons of widgets and things of that sort to get a blog going with little to no effort.  I’ve also since moved on from Blogger to WordPress just to be different and I like the interface too.  My old blog on Blogger is still there too, jvwong96.blogspot.com but I imported all my posts from there to WordPress but I keep the other one open in case I want to go back.

My blog has evolved since those days in 2005.  Back then I just used to write little paragraphs about things that bothered me that I saw in the Tampa area while going to and from work or on weekends.  I would also blog about significant milestones in my life or trips that I took just so I wouldn’t forget about them.  It’s now 2010 and I’m on my third job since I started this blog, I moved to South Florida, and I’m married.  It’s interesting how things change in such a short period of time.  The types of things I blog about haven’t changed all that much (except for travel for work which is new), maybe the length has since I’ve become more verbose in my old age.  Since my blog started in 2005, I’ve added elements like publishing to Twitter and Facebook, added a Feedburner feed so its more available on the net, and started tagging my posts.  I might even start categorizing my posts which would be new to me as well.  I’m still trying for my goal of 100 posts a year but I’m starting to lag a bit as I haven’t found anything interesting to blog about in a while.  I’m stuck in a routine for the most part.

I don’t have any plans to stop blogging, it just might slow down a little bit.  Although I think that might change if I have my iPad handy with me while I travel the US and can find Wifi hotspots to connect to.  I still have the ability to blog on the go with my iPhone but the urge really needs to strike me to blog about something for me to post something while I’m waiting in the airport or on the plane.  Anyway, this is a fine example of me being verbose so I’m just going to stop now.  My next post will most likely come at the end of this week when I get my iPad from Apple in the mail.  Booyah!

Facebook FAIL

This rant will be short and sweet.  No matter how many times I put in my credentials for Twitter in Facebook to connect, I always get an error.  This is highly annoying because I want my Twitter and Facebook accounts to sync up to a certain degree.  I know there are ways around this but come on, this is crucial integration between two of the largest social networks on the interweb.

Ok I’m done ranting about this.  I’m just happy that my twitterfeed is working once again and it has the option of posting my blogs on Facebook as well as Twitter rather than trying to rely on the Twitter/Facebook integration.  BLAH, FAIL to you Facebook and your crappy API!

Trying out Dropbox

I’ve been trying out a new service called Dropbox.  One of my friends that is an avid Apple fanatic showed this to me and the idea is pretty cool.  The idea behind Dropbox is that files can be shared between multiple computers and that they will all be synced no matter where you make changes.

I’ve used the service for a couple of weeks and so far its been pretty awesome.  I’ve been able to put some PDF’s that I need for work online as well as share some pictures with family.  I like that I can go ahead and see these same docs on my iPhone.  Thats the main reason why I’m using the service.  When I finally get my iPad in I’ll be able to use it there too to look at all my documents that I want to sync and carry around.  I recently got an update from Documents to Go for my iPhone that includes Dropbox integration so I think I can start editing docs that I put on there using that app rather than just being able to view it. Talk about totally sweet!

What I wish they had was a bit more space, granted 2GB is pretty large by any standard, but it would be nice to have more that is free without paying for it.  The only thing that I could see taking up a lot of space are songs and pictures.  Which reminds me, I should really try this sucker out with music and see if it plays the songs on my iPhone or not. That would be pretty killer!

The sharing capability is another thing that sold me, I can share documents and stuff with other people and if they share a folder with me I can put stuff in there and they’ll see it on all of their devices.  Hmm.. this could get pretty good real quick.  Anyway, maybe I’ll abuse that function later on.  No more blogging today, its time to enjoy the excellent South Florida weather!

Updating Twitterfeed

I think I’ve finally figured out why my blog posts haven’t been going to Twitter and to Facebook lately.  I recently changed my name in Twitter but for some reason I forgot to update it everywhere else I use Twitter.  This is essentially a test post.

There seems to be something wrong with the API between Twitter and Facebook too recently.  The API won’t accept my login credentials which is seriously weird since it’s been working for almost a year if not more.  No matter, Twitterfeed will be able to accomplish this goal for me as well since they’ve added some enhancements.  The only thing I have to make sure of going forward is to use Tweetdeck or something similar so that my updates for Twitter go to Facebook too.

I do most of my Tweeting from from my iPhone anyway so thats not a big concern overall.  Here’s to seeing if this actually works!  Come on Twitterfeed, don’t let me down!!

Boingo or GoGo Inflight????

This is the post that I lost on my iPod Touch on Monday and I’m going to try and recreate it if possible.

I recently bought an iPad for my personal use at home and on the road. I only purchased the Wifi version of te iPad because I don’t want to possibly pay for another 3G data connection on AT&T. This leaves me with two choices, Boingo or GoGo Inflight. Both of these servces offer wifi but there are some major differences but I won’t go into detail. The big difference is that Boingo works on the ground while I am in an airport and GoGo works when I’m in the air flying to my client.

I spend a great deal of time in both locations due to the nature of my work but making a decision like this is tough. I have an iPhone already so I know I will always have connectivity when I’m on the ground but if I have an iPad or need to use my laptop, being able to connect in the airport will be invaluable. I do need entertainment in the air as well, my current flight doesn’t even have inflight radio, I have to provide my own entertainment and wifi on the plane might help in this area.

The other factor is cost. Both soutions aren’t cheap by any stretch of the imagination and I don’t know if I can bring myself to pay for such a service. I guess I’ll have to see how much o desire to use my iPad in the plane or in the airport. Until I get the iPad, I will continue to use my iPhone most of the time to grab data and check emails. I guess if I’ve survived this long without wifi, it’s not that important. We’ll see!!

Sent from my iPod

WordPress for iPhone lost my blog post

Yesterday morning I had a little time before I boarded my flight to MSP so I decided to fire up my WordPress app that I keep on my iPhone and iPod Touch. I don’t blog a lot from either device because I normally like to use a full keyboard and add some photos and stuff to make the post more cool looking.

I’m making an exception today.

I wrote a post yesterday on my iPod and saved it as a local draft so that I could finish it in the plane because that’s one of te features of the WordPress app. After climbing up to 10,000 feet so I could use my electronic devices again, I went to try and complete my post. To my surprise the post was gone and I couldn’t find it anywhere in the app. I tried another test post just to see if I was crazy but I lost that post too.

Now I’m going to start using my super secret email address that I have with WordPress so I stop losing posts. I can always add photos and what not later as well as my tags. So to the developers at WordPress, please fix the app already, it really shouldn’t lose my posts! I don’t get inspired to write in my blog often. I’m guessing I won’t reach my goal of 100 posts this year but I have 6 months to catch up.

Time to test and see if email submission to WordPress is reliable.

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