I have my iPad !

I am writing this blog post on my new iPad that I got this past week. I actually opened it last night and started adding applications and movies in order to test it out. So far everything it going pretty well, I'm trying to get the hang of typing on the iPad with it's huge … Continue reading I have my iPad !

Blogging milestone: Over 800 Posts!

I was recently looking at my blog stats on WordPress when I realized that I have hit a pretty significant milestone, over 800 posts have been written since January 2005.  This is actually the 802nd post on my blog.  I started this blog one day while at work in Tampa on a whim on Blogger.  … Continue reading Blogging milestone: Over 800 Posts!

WordPress for iPhone lost my blog post

Yesterday morning I had a little time before I boarded my flight to MSP so I decided to fire up my WordPress app that I keep on my iPhone and iPod Touch. I don't blog a lot from either device because I normally like to use a full keyboard and add some photos and stuff … Continue reading WordPress for iPhone lost my blog post