Miami Exotic Racing is AWESOME

This past Sunday I was able to go all the way up to the Palm Beach International Raceway to cash in my 10th anniversary gift that my wife got me.  My wife decided to get me an exotic auto race experience that let me take out 4 different cars for 3 laps.  In addition to … Continue reading Miami Exotic Racing is AWESOME

WatchOS 2 looks cool but….

Like a lot of people I watched most of the Apple World Wide Developer Conference on live stream and I was pleased to see that they are Already kmoving forward with WatchOS 2 and that's after only having the Apple Watch out for a relatively short time.  Since I'm a non-developer the only cool things … Continue reading WatchOS 2 looks cool but….

DSP Mode in my Honda made the radio not suck!

I've owned my Accord for nearly a year and the only gripe I've ever had is that the stereo kind of sucked.  It didn't have that "boom" factor that I love when listening to music alone in my car.  And this car even came with a subwoofer and still nothing!  Another problem I have is … Continue reading DSP Mode in my Honda made the radio not suck!