Miami Exotic Racing is AWESOME

This past Sunday I was able to go all the way up to the Palm Beach International Raceway to cash in my 10th anniversary gift that my wife got me.  My wife decided to get me an exotic auto race experience that let me take out 4 different cars for 3 laps.  In addition to getting me the 4 cars for 3 laps, I was able to do a hot lap (basically an instructor whips me around the track in a Ford Mustang GT).

I was able to drive a Lamborghini, Audi R8, Ferrari F430, and a Ferrari GT.  If I was going to pick a favorite it would have to be the Ferrari F430.  The car was really smooth and fast compared to the other cars I was allowed to drive.  The others were kind of jerky and they were even automatics.  All of them had a crazy amount of power and one of the best parts was that they video taped me driving the car and had some stats on how fast I was going.  The one video I wanted was unfortunately corrupted so I wasn’t able to see that video.  It was of the Ferrari GT too and I’m pretty sure I got the car over 155MPH going down the straight away to the pit stop.

The hot lap was pretty awesome because the instructor that was driving basically took a brand new Mustang GT fast back and whipped it around the track.  He even added a little flair by drifting it around one of the corners and skidding to a stop at the end.  The most impressive part was that he was able to pass someone driving the Audi R8 in the Mustang without breaking a sweat.  This is defnitely something I would recommend at least once in your life.  Where else can you drive $1M worth of automobile around a track and not have to worry about killing the engine or worrying about wearing out the gear box.  All in all a totally awesome experience.



WatchOS 2 looks cool but….

Like a lot of people I watched most of the Apple World Wide Developer Conference on live stream and I was pleased to see that they are Already kmoving forward with WatchOS 2 and that’s after only having the Apple Watch out for a relatively short time.  Since I’m a non-developer the only cool things I saw that interested me a lot was that there would be native apps for the Watch, more functions could be performed on the Watch rather than the phone, and the ability to use my pictures as a watch face (that one is going to get liberal use and probably be the cause of a lot of power drain once it comes out).

The feature that I would still love would be the ability to pair 2 iPhones to the Watch or at least some selective apps for the second iPhone.  The only apps that I would care bout pushing info to the Watch would be my calendar new email information.  In this fun digital age it’s necessary to carry two devices since you don’t want your job looking into everything a that you’re doing on your phone if you choose to connect to corporate email and what not.  It’s also a “disconnect from work” thing that I’ve started to appreciate more.  My last vacation was awesome since I left the work phone at home as well as any technology related to my job.  I definitely would have been tempted to check it if it was handy or close by but since it wasn’t around I didn’t have the urge.

I won’t see an update to the software for my Apple Watch until the fall which seems like a long time from now but in reality isn’t that bad considering I just got the Watch in May.  One other observation I have is that I’m not using the watch all that much on the weekends when I have to do stuff like clean up my messes or do work on the cars or motorcycle for fear of scratching it or breaking it so I’m missing days of movement data. Not really a big deal overall but just an observation I had in how I use my Watch.  Maybe in WatchOS 3 they’ll let us pair multiple iPhones, that would be killer!

DSP Mode in my Honda made the radio not suck!

I’ve owned my Accord for nearly a year and the only gripe I’ve ever had is that the stereo kind of sucked.  It didn’t have that “boom” factor that I love when listening to music alone in my car.  And this car even came with a subwoofer and still nothing!  Another problem I have is that I sometimes the controls for the radio will freeze and I can’t change the channel or the volume messes up and goes out of contol but those are known software bugs that Honda is probably never going to fix and restarting the car seems to solve it anyway.

I was running around on the internet actually looking for any post regarding a software upgrade to the 2013 Accord to fix the channel freezing problem when I came across a YouTube post about how to make the stereo system in my car sound better.  The best part of all it required no tools at all or crazy tinkering lie uploading a different software package via the CD player.  I’d link to it but I’m writing this post on a plane and I don’t have Internet.  The tutorial talked about enabling “DSP Mode” from a diagnostic menu that’s buried in the software of the car.  Just turn DSP on and presto, my car had the boom factor I’ve been craving all this time!  The best part is that it’s a permanent fix so I don’t have to monkey in the software every time I start my car.

For those that want a little more boom in their 2013 Honda Accord EX-L V6’s, just do a Google search on 2013 Honda Accord DSP mode and watch the video and follow the instructions.  Now I’m totally pleased with my car.  Well if it was a convertible it would be even better but Honda doesn’t make those anymore sadly.

I need a faster computer

I’m trying to be cost coscious by keeping around my 8 year old desktop since I use it for so little these days but I think the reason I use it for so little is because its so slow.  Back when I bought my HP Desktop it was a killer machine, quad core intel processor, 3GB of RAM and almost 2TB of hard drive space for me to play with.  To give a little background on how old it is, it was pre-loaded with Windows XP Media Center Edition.  I’ve never actually used the Media Center part except for a short period of time when I wasn’t living in my townhouse but overall the computer was pretty bad ass.

I’ve since loaded Windows 7 Ultimate Edition on it (because I like all the bells and whistles which adds to bloat but it makes me happy).  This particular year it seems the computer is going slower than normal.  I think its truely showing some signs of its age.    I have a MaBook Pro that I use more than the desktop since its portable and faster for the most part but even that one is showing its age a little bit.  What I think I want is a new computer with SSD instead of a traditional hard drive.  The only problem I have with that is that I like keeping things locally instead of in the cloud so I have control over a lot of my material, namely pictures and videos that we’ve been taking as a family.

There is also an idea to re-do the entire office and if we do that, I don’t think we’ll need a new desktop since it just takes up so much room.  My Bose speaker system is also starting to show some age as well and I’ve thought about replacing it too but I’ve held off since I was considering what to do with the desktop when it finally dies.  Although knowing me, I’ll probably end up fixing the computer again to keep it running while skimping on performance parts that I normally would have bought.

A good example is that I’ve been trying to watch a movie on my desktop but its so painfully slow to actually turn it on, launch windows explorer, and then start up the movie.  I think hats why I just copy movies to my iPad and stream it using an Apple TV, instant gratfication!.  I still need a computer though so I’ll wait until I have more cash to burn and then try and get something like a new MacBook Pro or something.  I need lots of horsepower but I also want a lot of drive space.  I have external drives that can somewhat fit the bill but they have moving parts so its not ideal.  Only time will tell, in the mean time I’m going to continue to suffer using my desktop until it finally dies, and I mean really dies like the processor melts or something.

On a better note, WWDC is in half an hour so I get to glimpse what the future will bring to iOS and OSX.  I’ve also reserved my free upgrade to Windows 10 so 2015 will see massive updates to all my computing devices 🙂