For lunch today my wife decided to take me out since I’m working with her in Ft. Lauderdale for the month. I’m on a rotation to the Ft. Lauderdale office for my firm since I spent the last two months in Miami.

The place that my wife chose is supposedly a pretty new place called Zucca’s which is an Italian place in the Bank of America building right down the street from me. They have this really cool bread that they make in house that looks like a half a ball and its mostly filled with hot air. I also have no idea what the spread was that they gave us but it was sooooooo good that I ordered a second one for us even though I was almost done with lunch. They have a pasta bar in the restaurant which is pretty cool. You can have made to order pasta dishes and watch them cook it for you while you wait. I’ve experienced something like this before but this was some high class pasta and also quite tasty. My wife ordered something off the menu that she had tried once before and that was also really good too. I might go there again for like a dinner or something because eating that pasta for lunch really made me sleepy. All in all, an excellent place for food in downtown Ft. Lauderdale!

Happy Halloween

Ahh Halloween! The night of evil is upon us and in Los Angeles, Satan is having his super sweet 16 party complete with Ferrari cake!! (If you don’t get the reference, you’re totally sad for missing South Park last week, it was AWESOME!) Tonight all the little kiddies will be out in their costumes trick or treating and getting lots of cavity creating candy. Hmm I remember those days about almost 20 years ago now, holy crap thats a long time! I’m just going to sit back, relax, and let my brother in law deal with all the kids that will come to the door asking for candy and maybe play a little Xbox 360 while I’m at it.

Penguin bashing at its best

A few years ago one of my co-workers introduced me to a fabulous site called Yetisports.org. On this site is nothing but games and they’re all pretty simple. However, even though its simple its hella fun. You basically play a huge abominable snow man and you get to either toss or hit penguins to acquire points! What could be more fun than that? It’s highly addictive and fun as hell to play to while away the hours when you’re waiting for stuff to download or just to break up the day. I highly recommend the baseball and the penguin toss. 🙂

British Camera’s

I read this pretty amusing post on the NY Times about the camera’s that the UK puts on its streets to catch speeders. It sounds like a pretty good idea but the people in the UK don’t like it all that much. They described some pretty funny things that people were doing to the cameras such as setting them on fire, smashing them to bits, SHOOTING them, or using home made explosives to blow them up. Supposedly, a lot of people don’t like the cameras because it forces them to slow down or else you get a ticket in the mail. I personally like speeding on the highways so I could be one of those disgruntled people knocking it over with a bat or something if they tried that here in the US. But at least it brightened up my Friday reading about that… LOL!

Somethings not right in the mornings……

It’s been an odd week and its only Tuesday! Something has happened to the traffic patterns in South Floriduh this week because the roads that I travel which are normally clear except of course I-95 are getting all clogged up. My route consists of I-75 South which is never bad (and this is still a constant) but 119th St which is where I go to make my cross over to I-95 has been just terrible the past 2 days for no apparent reason. It was jammed past the toll plaza and it hasn’t done that in the 6 or so weeks that I’ve been living down here. I hope it clears up quick or I’m going to have to find another route to work because coming in at 8:30 is unacceptable!

Weird Tourists

This past Friday was a little weird in terms of going home. I left at my normal time so of course I'm stuck in traffic. Friday traffic is normally a bit heavier than normal because of the weekend and all but now I'm digressing. On to my point!!

I was going about my business when this Chrystler Seabring convertable passes me on the right. I know, does seem strange right? Well here's the strange part…… There were 2 guys in the car and one had his hands in the air in that praise God kinda pose. Well I took a closer look and he was holding a camera…… The doofus was taking a picture of Miami traffic!! Who in their right mind takes pictures of traffic unless you're not from the area?? I just found it funny that some tourist was taking multiple pics of Miami's horrible traffic. At least when I take pics as a tourist, I take pics of cool looking inanimate objects like mountains or buildings and not TRAFFIC!

Free food!

A week or so ago I decided to drop my business card and my wife’s business card into one of those little fish bowls at Bahama Breeze. Lo and behold, my wife won some free food. Booyah!! I’m grabbing more business cards before I leave so I can drop more in some fish bowls around town. No one really wants my card anyway at work so why not? 🙂