For lunch today my wife decided to take me out since I’m working with her in Ft. Lauderdale for the month. I’m on a rotation to the Ft. Lauderdale office for my firm since I spent the last two months in Miami.

The place that my wife chose is supposedly a pretty new place called Zucca’s which is an Italian place in the Bank of America building right down the street from me. They have this really cool bread that they make in house that looks like a half a ball and its mostly filled with hot air. I also have no idea what the spread was that they gave us but it was sooooooo good that I ordered a second one for us even though I was almost done with lunch. They have a pasta bar in the restaurant which is pretty cool. You can have made to order pasta dishes and watch them cook it for you while you wait. I’ve experienced something like this before but this was some high class pasta and also quite tasty. My wife ordered something off the menu that she had tried once before and that was also really good too. I might go there again for like a dinner or something because eating that pasta for lunch really made me sleepy. All in all, an excellent place for food in downtown Ft. Lauderdale!


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