Weird Tourists

This past Friday was a little weird in terms of going home. I left at my normal time so of course I'm stuck in traffic. Friday traffic is normally a bit heavier than normal because of the weekend and all but now I'm digressing. On to my point!!

I was going about my business when this Chrystler Seabring convertable passes me on the right. I know, does seem strange right? Well here's the strange part…… There were 2 guys in the car and one had his hands in the air in that praise God kinda pose. Well I took a closer look and he was holding a camera…… The doofus was taking a picture of Miami traffic!! Who in their right mind takes pictures of traffic unless you're not from the area?? I just found it funny that some tourist was taking multiple pics of Miami's horrible traffic. At least when I take pics as a tourist, I take pics of cool looking inanimate objects like mountains or buildings and not TRAFFIC!


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