More Miami traffic woes

This mornings commute wasn’t bad, I still left maybe 5 minutes late but over all things were pretty smooth till I hit one of the parking lots on my way to work (I-95). It seemed much busier than usual but that stuff doesn’t really faze me since I have my iPod to listen to. Oh no the real problem now is Miami itself!

I’m in downtown Miami trying to get to my beat up parking garage that I pay way too much money for and lo and behold, I get stuck…….. AGAIN on 2nd Ave and Flagler Street. They just made Flagler Street into a two way road for some odd reason (the powers that be in the Miami City gov’t are probably to blame) and this requires additional traffic lights. For most towns, no big deal right? Hook it up to the system and let it ride. Sounds simple enough to me. HA!! Whatever!! The dingleberries that set up this traffic light forgot one little detail, the fucking thing needs to change every now and again to let people coming from other directions through!!

So what did I do to remedy my plight? Why run the red light of course. I looked left, no cars, I looked right, no cars, I slammed on the gas and heard my tires chirp as I sped through the intersection, made a quick left turn not caring if it was green or not and high tailed it to my garage.

It’s a really sad thing when I am already thinking that Tampa is way better than Miami. I think it might do the city good to be totally washed away in a hurricane or something and start over fresh. I don’t want people to die mind you, I just want the city itself washed off the face of the map so no one has to suffer (especially me) anymore.


2 thoughts on “More Miami traffic woes

  1. Awww!! It sounds like someone is in a bad mood! There’s a light like that on route 22 in scarsdale…it changes for a nanosecond and my line of traffic never seems to move! ah well….that’s why i love mass transit 🙂

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