Food commercials annoy me

I’ve been watching the tube this week and I’ve come to realize that I hate food commercials. They’ve become more annoying as time has passed. My two most hated commercials are Subway and Burger King. I don’t eat Subway because I don’t think its worth the money to get a sandwich from them but I do eat Burger King on occasion.

I hope they stop with the crappy food commercials, they’re not making me want to buy their food in any way.

OK the Benedryl I’m taking is starting to take effect and make me drowsy. Hopefully I can stay awake long enough to make lunch and my two meetings this afternoon.

Work Computer Update

OK I mentioned in one of my last blog posts that my work computer was acting up. That was quite the understatement! This past week the damn thing just refused to work. I thought it was Firefox or even Xobni but to no avail, the computer seemed to be mocking me by being ON but eating up 100% of my CPU. Totally not cool!

As part of my ordeal, I had to go to the Atlanta office 3 different times this past week. The first was on Monday and they just tried to give it a tune up. I went back to the office and the thing was running like a slug again. I went to the office again on Tuesday afternoon and requested a re-image and I had to leave it over night. I went back again on Wednesday to pick it up and things seemed fine but it was not to be.

After installing some tools that I knew of things started to look a little better and for Thursday and Friday it seems to be working like a champ! Very very strange. Just so you know I was upgrading from XP to Vista and I found it strange that Vista would treat me like this after running so well on my home computer.

I asked my tech guy in Miami to keep my hard drive intact for now, I don’t think I’m going to need it now that I have my computer running finally. I just have some other issues to work out that I’ve discovered recently but as long as the computer isn’t eating 100% CPU, I can manage.

Life with contacts

It’s been a week or so with contacts and so far it hasn’t been too bad. I’ve been struggling with them in the morning sometimes but its no longer taking me 20 minutes to stick them in my eye. The one thing that is kind of annoying is that now I need contact solution and the travel size bottles don’t last long enough. I’m thinking of buying bigger bottles at my client site and then leaving them at the office and just bringing a travel size one just in case I need it.

Things haven’t been as clear though, not like when I had my glasses. I called my eye doctor and I have to go in and see her because she might need to make some adjustments to my prescription. Thats not to mean things are bad, they’re just a tad blurrier than I’m used to. We’ll see what happens on that front.

One of the major pluses is that I get to wear real sunglasses and not prescription ones anymore. I bought some Oakley Flak Jacket sunglasses that Ialways wanted (I think I mentioned this in another post somewhere) and I use them as much as I can. If the sun is out and I have to go outside I put them on. Part of the reason is because I don’t have transitions anymore, I don’t think they make them for contacts, and because they look cool. HA!

OK I think I’ve done enough blogging for today. I was going to blog earlier this week but my laptop died and I had to take it in to be repaired. Next week I’m off to Omaha!

Could the iPhone 3G be in my future?

Recently I got a communication from my company that they might be considering opening the flood gates and letting more people be on corporate cell phone plans. This is due to the fact that a majority of the people that work for my company travel and it makes having an office number totally impractical. There are a few caveats that I’ve noticed so far.

1) It’s a voice only plan, so that means I have to pay for text messaging and data on my own
2) I can only choose AT&T and Verizon, thats not a big deal since I was going to use either of them anyway
3) My phone number would be owned by the company instead of me, some cause for concern but not a big one

The kicker is if I want my company to monitor all the calls and websites I’m looking at. I enjoy my privacy but this might be a bit much. There is an early adopter program and I signed up for it to see if they would pick me. One of the phone choices was the iPhone 3G. I already have an iPod Touch but this would make things more interesting since I would have the phone component and a lot of the apps that are on the app store require an internet connection all the time.

Only time will tell if I get one though. If I get it through my company thats fine but if I’m getting a plan on my own, I’m going Windows Mobile all the way.

Issues with Firefox on my work computer

I recently got an upgrade for my work computer and I loaded the usual programs that I use. My computer is running Vista Enterprise and I have Vista Home Premium on my desktop but for some reason my work computer doesn’t like Firefox. It was rather strange because I use it at home without any trouble.
What seems to happen is that the program gets hung up on something and then it goes and eats all the memory on the computer. When it does this, my computer won’t start normally and it takes half an hour to get going. Thats bull crap right there! I’ve un-installed it and things seem to be working ok. I’ll test it a bit more tomorrow but I have a ticket in to tech support to look at it on Monday in Atlanta. We’ll see how things go.

Finally got contacts

According to my wife, I have finally joined the 21st Century by getting contacts. I’ve been wearing glasses for at least 20 years now and my prescription is pretty high. I decided to try out contacts to see if the technology had improved any. I attempted to wear contacts before but I found them uncomfortable and I didn’t see the need to get them.

The thing that is difficult is actually getting them in. I’m not proficient doing it yet like my wife but I’m slowly getting there. I’m using some trial contacts right now as I wait for my real ones to come in so my vision isn’t 20/20 just yet. It’s a bit blurry but I can still see just fine. To celebrate this progression in my life, I decided to splurge and get some sweet ass Oakley sunglasses. Too bad its not even sunny in Atlanta so I can use them.

I still have to keep my glasses up to date though but I own the Cadillac of lenses. The are the thinnest lenses available for my prescription, it has anti-glare, polarization, transition, and they’re scratch proof. I’m carrying them in my bag and I have another back up pair at home just in case that have the same options. I’m using the insurance for the glasses because lenses are just so expensive these days anyway.

I’m going to have to keep practicing with these contacts so that I can get my time down to under a minute. Yeah I know, kinda cheesy that I’m timing how fast I can put them in but it will really help when I’m in a rush. Oh and I’m totally committed too, I bought a years supply of contacts. HA!!

What happened to the sunshine?

This weekend (yeah I know its Tuesday) my wife and my sister-in-law wanted to spend some time out at the pool. Of course I’m game for it and it was a nice sunny day. It had rained the entire week so it wasn’t a wise thing to try and go swimming. There were some crazy people that decided to go in but not me.

Unfortunately, the sun didn’t last that long, only about an hour and a half. Then it would tease me by poking its head out and then hiding behind some rain clouds. Since it was close to lunch I got us some Burger King. Amazingly my wife had never had a burger from BK before. After she explained it, it all clicked for me that I never have seen her eat a burger from BK.

I got take out and brought it back to the pool, as we ate there seemed to be a freak storm. I was happily enjoying my fries when a huge gust of wind just blew them all over the pool. I couldn’t even recover them which totally sucked! At least I still had my burger which didn’t blow away but I was missing the fries. Anyway, that was my Sunday….