Got me an iPod Touch

Late last week I was able to get my iPod Touch and sync that baby up with all my music and what not. I can now see the appeal of the iPhone to many people since the Touch is just an iPhone without the phone component. I can use it for most of the applications … Continue reading Got me an iPod Touch

Enter the ANDROID

Well a new player has come forth in the Smartphone world.  Google has released Android which is basically a Google Powered phone.  I've been reading around the net about this little gem and trying to see what threat it poses to any phone that I may potentially buy.Right now it seems that it is no … Continue reading Enter the ANDROID

More bail out maddness

It would appear that in the infinite wisdom of the government, it needs to use my tax money to start bailing out private companies left and right because they would totally kill the economy.  Well, if these companies are going to be bailed out by me and my tax money, whats in it for me?  … Continue reading More bail out maddness

iPod Touch for ME!

Today I decided to treat myself to a new iPod Touch. It's basically an iPhone without the phone component. It's only 32GB but it has some neat features that I'll take advantage of. It has wireless internet, access to the apps store, Nike+ sensor, and the best part is that it has a large screen. … Continue reading iPod Touch for ME!

Another big bail out by the Fed

Well it seems that the Fed isn't done using my tax payer money to bail out companies in private industry. Now its AIG that needs some help and another $85 Billion of tax payer money in order to make sure it doesn't fail. This is starting to get a little crazy. My tax money is … Continue reading Another big bail out by the Fed

Bye bye Investment Banks!

Things got really interesting this past weekend.  The investment Bank Lehman Brothers is going down with a knock out blow to its balance sheet in the form of mortgage securities and Merrill Lynch is running for cover by getting bought out by Bank of America while it still has some value on the open market.  … Continue reading Bye bye Investment Banks!

Creating the Big Bang!

Today the people in Europe, specifically at CERN, just flipped the switch on the new Large Hadron Collider.  So what exactly is this thing?  In a nutshell, go read Angels and Demon's by Dan Brown to find out... j/k.  What it really does is that its supposed to smash particles together to try and kind … Continue reading Creating the Big Bang!

Entertainment and Politics Don’t Mix

Even though very few people read my blog, I just feel the need right now to vent a little. It's a Sunday night and I have to go to bed early but I thought that I would catch the MTV VMA's this year to see if it was any good. The past few years have … Continue reading Entertainment and Politics Don’t Mix