iPod Touch for ME!

Today I decided to treat myself to a new iPod Touch. It’s basically an iPhone without the phone component. It’s only 32GB but it has some neat features that I’ll take advantage of. It has wireless internet, access to the apps store, Nike+ sensor, and the best part is that it has a large screen. This is somewhat replacing my current iPod Classic 5G that my wife got me. I’m still going to use it but it will be relegated to car useage beacuse I can control it by touch (that sounds funny), ok maybe I should say by feel to change songs and what not really quickly. The iPod Touch is mainly for my plane rides during the week so that I can watch my movies on them. The Nike+ thing will also be cool since I run a couple times a week and it will be interesting to track all that stuff. There are lots of free apps and games available too so that means I will have even more things to distract me while flying the un-friendly skies.

This won’t replace my phone and I will NOT get an iPhone because I don’t like AT&T. My phone will still be my number one device because it is my phone and I can get internet everywhere. I was able to use my discount and engrave it. Now all I need to do is wait for it to ship and to buy a case for it so I don’t scratch it up too bad. I can’t wait, this is gonna be soo sweet. OK on to the next post!


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