Entertainment and Politics Don’t Mix

Even though very few people read my blog, I just feel the need right now to vent a little. It’s a Sunday night and I have to go to bed early but I thought that I would catch the MTV VMA’s this year to see if it was any good. The past few years have been a disappointment, the production quality sucked, the presenters made mistakes that were hard to ignore, but the worst part about it is that people keep on bringing in politics into the show. I’m watching a show for its entertainment value, not to hear some big ego’ed dip shit spout off about the presidential election and who he wants us to vote for.

Tonight’s host is some dude from the UK, he was in a movie this past year but other than that I didn’t even know who he was. He decided in his infinate wisdom to go ahead and start spouting off how we should all vote for Obama. Now I follow politics like every other American, but there are specific times and channels to do that sort of thing like MSNBC of CNN, not on MTV. Promoting people to vote, OK I might be fine with that but don’t tell people who to vote for. I personally am a Republican (my father is still questioning that since he’s a Democrat and so is the state of Connecticut for the most part) so hearing this dip wad go on for about 5 minutes about Obama and then bashing the Royal Family in the UK was a bit much (after that bit I would have revoked his citizenship/passport). I turned it off and I probably will go on to MTV.com just to watch the musical performances. I was even eager to see some stuff from America’s Best Dance Crew but I won’t be seeing that live anymore.

I know that there are other shows and what not that have celebrities mouth of their beliefs and stuff but that sort of thing doesn’t interest me. If Oprah wants to sing the high praises of Obama, she can do it on a political show but not when I want to be entertained. I guess thats why I’m glad there aren’t that many celebrities that like McCain, I don’t have to listen to them ruining my shows with their opinion.

It’s time for bed, hopefully I won’t hear any political crap in anymore shows except for CNN or the odd ball commercial which is also acceptable. Take a hint Hollywood, just because you’re famous doesn’t mean you know shit about anything. Stop trying to influence people with your un-educated opinions by shutting your pie holes. Pissing off the general public is the best way to become poor since I doubt any of you are talented at anything else. OK rant complete until tomorrow…..


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