Don’t drive in the HOV lane if you’re a single

I was doing my regular commute today towards Miami and on my route, I-95 has an High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane. The lane really doesn't serve a purpose from the look of things, its just a restricted lane that cars with two or more people can use to try and get ahead of the rest … Continue reading Don’t drive in the HOV lane if you’re a single

My dying iPod

This morning as I was driving to work I was using my iPod to listen to some music because I was getting sick of the same 10 songs that I have been hearing on the various South Florida radio stations. A curioius thing happened as the music was playing, it just stopped in the middle … Continue reading My dying iPod

Construction is everywhere!

Working in downtown Miami is certainly interesting. I mean the city hasn't impressed me in any significant way and the traffic getting in and out of here is pretty terrible. One thing that I think is going to add to it in the future is all the construction thats going on right now. If you … Continue reading Construction is everywhere!

Chaos in Pembroke Pines

This weekend I was in Pembroke Pines picking up a network adapter for my computer and there was a huge thunder storm that rolled through just as I finished my purchase. My wife and I ran out in the rain to my car and proceeded to go home. Here's where all the utter chaos takes … Continue reading Chaos in Pembroke Pines

Finally finished moving to South Florida!

It's Sunday morning and I have completed my move to South Florida. Actually I completed my move on Friday evening by driving to my sister-in-laws place but I finally have my computer up and running and thats when I determine when I'm finally moved in since its normally the last thing that I acutally put … Continue reading Finally finished moving to South Florida!

Moving to South Florida, Part 1

Above is the picture of the 14' UHaul truck that my wife and I rented to start our move to South Florida. Ohh, first a little pre-text. I'm moving my butt to South Florida to take a job as a tech and my wife will return to her roots in marketing and we're going to … Continue reading Moving to South Florida, Part 1