Move In Almost Complete

Standard Pacific decided to give me an early Christmas gift by finishing my townhouse ahead of schedule. I was originally slated to get my townhouse back sometime in January but instead, they were completed on December 22, just a mere 3 days before Christmas. The walkthrough went pretty well, the house looks better than it … Continue reading Move In Almost Complete

Yahoo! is not what it used to be

Ahh how the mighty have fallen!  I remember the days when I used to be an avid user of Yahoo back in the infancy of the internet.  Back then Yahoo was just awesome because it provided everything you needed under one roof.  Of course this was back in the days when internet portals were popular … Continue reading Yahoo! is not what it used to be

No ads in my e-books!

I recently read an article while reviewing my RSS news feeds that was describing how marketing firms are starting to review how they can add ads to ebooks kind of how like google gives you contextual advertising when doing searches or outing ads in the beginning or when you star reading the book again after … Continue reading No ads in my e-books!