Beware the wrath of the TWEEN!

Before I went to Disney this past weekend, I took my wife to see the movie High School Musical 3. She’s a fan of the movies so I thought I would take her to the midnight showing. I didn’t expect to see so many little tweens running all over the place. Don’t these kids have parents? Didn’t they have school the next day? Geez!

Anyway, the movie was going just fine until maybe the last 1/3 of the movie when all of a sudden the video flipped and the audio got all messed up. There was a near riot by the little tweens in the theater! So funny! Then some of the little punks started singing the songs *truly annoying really* and we had to wait around 30 minutes to fix the film. They finally fixed it and we were able to watch it just fine and on top of that we got free movie passes too. I will remember this night as being absolutely hysterical. Remember, never get in the way of a tween and their Disney movie….


Happy Halloween

Today is Halloween and I’m actually home for it. I won’t be really be home per se, I’m going to my sister-in-laws place. I am going to dress up sort of. I am going to be going full out with my Yankee gear. This will make it so that I don’t have to hand out candy to the neighborhood kids.

I’m not that into Halloween anymore, I used to have some fun at the office with it but I don’t really go to the office all that often since I am trying to enjoy working from home. It gives me time to enjoy my home since I’m away from it for so much of the time.

To my friends and family that are enjoying dressing up, Happy Halloween!

Halloween Horror Nights Orlando!

In addition to doing the 13K race at Disney, my wife and I decided to go to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. This was a pretty scary night to say the least but I think it ranks up there with Howl-O-Scream that Busch Gardens does in Tampa. We hit up a few of the haunted houses and were thoroughly scared and of course we had to go through the various scare zones in order to get from place to place.

There were a few rides open too and one of the rides that really stands out is the new Simpson’s Ride. This ride took the place of Back to the Future (I doubt the current generation even remembers the movie). This was a 4D ride and it was done very well. I liked that as you waited in line you could watch old episodes of the Simpson’s. Just for the hell of it we also did the Men in Black Ride and some other cheesy ride that escapes me right now.

The Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure show was awesome. It was really funny and had cameo’s of all the presidential candidates and a lot of popular music that they play on stations like Z100 (for you NY’ers you’ll know what that is). I think that show made my night and made the whole trip worth it for Halloween Horror Nights. I probably won’t go again, Disney is just way more fun over all!

Oh and one last note, my wife and I were walking through one of the scare zones and this girl was probably walking with her boyfriend. One of the “scary” people walked right up to her and growled in her face, she damn near wet herself when he did that! LOL She basically threw her boyfriends hand away which she had been holding and made a bee line in the opposite direction. That was hysterical, I wish I was able to catch that on video.

Tower of Terror 13K

This past weekend I ran the Tower of Terror 13K race in Orlando FL. Roughly thats a bit over 8 miles in total distance. The route wasn’t so bad, being FL it was basically a flat race the entire way. The experience was pretty good. I did only 8 miles once before and I ended hurting my leg for 2 weeks. My doctor said I shouldn’t run the race but it seemed a shame not to after paying for the entrance fee and they said I could also walk the race too which wasn’t bad.

I ended up walking about 4 miles and running 4 miles. I couldn’t run the whole race because I’m just not that fit. My wife on the other hand smoked me because she was able to run the whole thing. My time was 1:56 which isn’t bad but it isn’t great either. It’s around a 14 minute mile which isn’t all that bad. I might do the race again next year but we’ll see. I also never ever thought a banana could taste so good. They gave us a snack at the finish line and my wife was waiting there for me to cross.

Oh and the best part! There was an after partywards where they opened up some of Hollywood Studios for the participants. I rode on the Aerosmith ride (I actually had my glasses on too so I could see what the heck is going on in the ride) and of course I went on the Tower of Terror. There was a new Pixar section to the park and a new Toy Story ride. That ride was totally awesome. It was very interactive and had you shooting all sorts of stuff like if you were at a carnival with a small gun. I wanted to go on the ride again but they were closing the park.

I also picked up some good swag while at the race. I got the commemorative pin, a finishers medal, a short sleeve shirt, and a long sleeve shirt. Not a bad haul if I do say so myself. There are tons of other running events at Disney throughout the year but I think I’m going to switch back to the eliptical until my legs get better. My feet could also use a rest.

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The ever falling gas price

I’ve been home for the past few weeks and I haven’t had to drive much but I always pass this particular Shell station that has the cheapest gas in the area. I know this because I check gas prices online to look for the lowest one in a 3 mile radius of my home. This Shell station has been dropping its gas price almost every day for the past few days. It was around $2.80 on Monday and just today its around $2.69. Thats a pretty big deal in my book.

There was a time when I would have considered $2.69 as expensive but no longer which is a bit sad. I do enjoy looking at the news and seeing that oil has dropped to around $70.00 a barrel for oil. There are all these oil exporting countries that depend on high oil prices but that don’t like America that depend on the world buying oil at a high price. Take that!! Muahahaha! I’m hoping that prices continue to fall so that people will be able to buy gas and afford heating oil. There are large disparities depending on where you live but as long as prices continue to fall it will be good for all.

CT in the fall

I personally didn’t take this picture but its a great picture of CT in the fall. I think I know why I like being up in Stamford so much, its all the unique things that are up that way to the city streets, all the different types of houses, and all the trees and hills that are in the area.

Maybe thats the thing that I don’t like about Floriduh. It’s all so cookie cutter and dull. Everywhere you go there are cookie cutter houses and strip malls. There are some unique places I must admit but they are few and far between. It doesn’t really leave an impression in my mind except to tell my inner compass where to go when I need something.

Even though I haven’t been to CT in a little while, I still know where everything is and how to get there. There are still places up there that I will also go to and remember when I take a trip (Stewies being one of these places) and who knows, maybe I’ll call that area home again (they’re going to have to lower income and property taxes to make it even somewhat affordable to people like me).

Granted I doubt I would retire there, my old bones wouldn’t be able to take doing all that yard work but maybe a small vacation home for when I want to go and visit where I grew up. The area is changing, no doubt about that (I think the Trump tower was a bad idea btw) but at least there are some un-touched areas that make it feel like New England.

No 13K Tower of Terror Race for Me

All the way back in April, Claire and I decided that we would do the 13K Tower of Terror race in Orlando FL. This race takes place at night and you run through the Disney Hollywood Studios theme park. About 2 weeks ago to ensure that we would be able to actually run the entire race we decided to at least try and run that distance on Saturday morning. I felt fine actually running that distance although near the end I totally ran out of gas and had to walk it.

The next day I started limping but I thought nothing of it because I thought it was just my legs being tired or something. Monday things didn’t improve so I started to get a bit concerned but still shrugged it off and went about my week and my trip to CT thinking that I should be ready by this weekend. I went and saw the sports medicine doctor that’s been helping me with my heel pain in my left foot and the diagnosis that he gave me was that I either have tendinitis or I have a pinched nerve and should be running for the next 3 weeks. That’s a real bummer since I was looking forward to running the race with Claire and also because the race is non-refundable. My doctor did say that if I’m feeling about 95% better I could still run it but he still advised against it so I don’t injure myself further. Total bummer! Now I’m going to have to do stuff like use the bike or something instead of running. I wouldn’t mind swimming if there was a lap pool somewhere close by or something so I can get in some exercise.

I guess I’ll have to settle for cheering on Claire as she runs the race this weekend. We’ll be doing a host of other things and maybe one day I’ll be able to keep up with her on distance running. I can still outrun her in sprints though.