Trip to CT

This past weekend I went up to CT to see my mom for her birthday. It was very nice up in CT during this time of year with all the leaves turning into fall colors with lots of yellows, oranges, and reds. I have numerous pictures of trees from my trip. I was able to rent a car for this trip because I had some free rental coupons from Avis. The rental wasn’t totally free but it was close enough. I was able to get a Man Wagon aka The Dodge Magnum. The car wasn’t bad but it could have been better if there was a bit more power behind it.

I arrived late Friday night so I didn’t do much on Friday. Saturday was the day that I arranged to go to New Jersey to see some of my mom’s family. I saw my cousin, his 4 kids, my aunt and uncle and their grand daughter. We ended up eating at Penang which had a branch near Princeton NJ. It was nice to have everyone around for the lunch and the food was excellent as well. Afterwards we spent the rest of the day in NJ with the family. I ended up going home really late and I could hardly stay awake on the trip back. Personally I don’t even remember the last 1/3 of the trip home and it was on my favorite highway too.

Sunday was a really late day for me. There’s something about my old bedroom that just puts me to sleep. I didn’t get up till almost 11am which is highly unusual for me these days. I had planned to go to the mall or something but I got up too late and my mom wanted to go to the 4:15PM Mass too which totally cuts into the day. One of the things that my mom wanted me to try and do is setup the digital boxes so she can get TV past February. The only problem is that the antenna on top of the house is pointed towards the World Trade Center. In order to try and correct this problem my mom had me climb up to the top of the house to see if I can move the antenna. Unfortunately I was unable to move the antenna because there’s about 50 years of rust on it and I was afraid that if I moved it, it might just break or something which wouldn’t be a good thing at all. I did bring my camera up with me so I was able to take some pictures while I was on the roof of the house. I also ended up going to EMS but I couldn’t find a jacket that I liked enough to buy. I also wanted to look at the camel back backpacks that hold water but after today’s doctors appointment I don’t think I’ll be needing it. I also had just enough time to head on over to Stew Leonards, no CT trip is complete without a trip to Stewies! I went there specifically to buy some food to bring home (which is currently sitting in my fridge).

Mass at my old church was pretty uneventful. There are a lot of new people and the priest is also different. I noticed some sublte differences like the stations of the cross being a bit different since they are carvings now intead of paintings, and the chairs up on the alter are different from the ones that I used to sit in when I used to be an alter boy. I kind of miss some of the old stuff since some of the pieces in the church go back to when the old church was still functioning instead of just being the school. Just to indluge myself I decided to have some Garden Catering for dinner. This also saved my mom from having to wash dishes that evening too. Well those were the major highlights of my trip. I should be up there next year for my mom’s birthday or for some other reason. We’ll see.


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