CT in the fall

I personally didn’t take this picture but its a great picture of CT in the fall. I think I know why I like being up in Stamford so much, its all the unique things that are up that way to the city streets, all the different types of houses, and all the trees and hills that are in the area.

Maybe thats the thing that I don’t like about Floriduh. It’s all so cookie cutter and dull. Everywhere you go there are cookie cutter houses and strip malls. There are some unique places I must admit but they are few and far between. It doesn’t really leave an impression in my mind except to tell my inner compass where to go when I need something.

Even though I haven’t been to CT in a little while, I still know where everything is and how to get there. There are still places up there that I will also go to and remember when I take a trip (Stewies being one of these places) and who knows, maybe I’ll call that area home again (they’re going to have to lower income and property taxes to make it even somewhat affordable to people like me).

Granted I doubt I would retire there, my old bones wouldn’t be able to take doing all that yard work but maybe a small vacation home for when I want to go and visit where I grew up. The area is changing, no doubt about that (I think the Trump tower was a bad idea btw) but at least there are some un-touched areas that make it feel like New England.


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