The great Amazon List

It's the holidays so that means its time for gift giving and all that jolly stuff that goes on. After going to the mall multiple times and finding nothing worth buying or putting on my Xmas list, I decided to beef up my Wish List on I've had a wishlist for a while but no one really knows I have it. There are some pretty big ticket items on that list (like a new camera :)) that I want and some things that I need like an unlocked GSM phone for work because of my occasional international travel.

What I'm a bit concerned about putting on my list on Amazon are clothes. That's one thing that I'll almost always go to the store to get because everything looks good in pics but doesn't look good on me. I guess there are generic clothes that I could put up like dress shoes or something but electronics are way more fun. So for right now the list is updated since I took some time yesterday to add some expensive items, you know just in case 😉

Merry Christmas everyone!

Halo3 Complete! Booyah!!

After quite a long time of not playing Halo 3, I decided to pick the game up again today and actually beat the game. From all the game guides that I’ve read, I thought that it was going to be fairly quick to beat it since I knew I was in the next to last level. It took me almost another two hours to finish it but it was pretty good. I thought that the final level could have been better but eh, what can you do right?

The ending to the game isn’t bad, I won’t spoil it for anyone although I’m pretty sure that most people have beaten this game way ahead of me. I seem to be taking a lot longer these days to beat games or even muster the interest to play them. The end cut scenes were fairly lengthy but it was worth waiting to see all of it. I don’t know if I’m going to play through the game again but I may just for kicks and I might kick it up a notch in the difficulty settings to get a new challenge.

There are a number of games that I want both for my Wii and for the Xbox 360. My laundry list of games are:

Ninja Gaiden 3
Call of Duty 4
Mario Galaxy
Geometry Wars
MLB Power Pros
Command and Conquer 3 (this one is for PC, I’m an old fan of the game)

Now will I actually go out and get these games? Highly unlikely but you never know. I’ve played most of the originals for these games except for MLB Power Pro’s so I know what they’ll be like. I’m looking forward to some new challenges, maybe if I get some time on the weekends I’ll pick up a couple of these games and see if I can get interested in gaming again.