Sin City

This weekend my fiance decided to take me out to the movies so I decided to see Sin City and seee what all the hype was about. I’ll admit it was a pretty good movie but if there’s one thing I hate it’s trying to follow multiple plot lines with multiple lead characters. I think I was able to follow about 4 of the plots but there were probably others that just went right over my head.

The way the film was shot was UBER cool. Most of the movie was shot in black and white with the only visible colors being blue or red. There was also a lot of death and stuff blowing up but thats just what helped make the film cool. I’d give it 3 stars if they merged all the plot lines or something. I’ll blog more about random shit later……….

Jade Empire!

I have finally gotten yet another new game. This time I opted for an RPG called Jade Empire and I even got the Limited Edition since it didn’t even cost more. Pretty sweet eh?

I’ve already played the game for about 5 hours and the limited edition comes with a new character. Little did I know that this character is loaded from the SECOND disc that comes in the package so I’m debating whether or not to start over from scratch. I haven’t done a lot yet in the game but still, all that time wasted! According to most game sites, this should take roughly 20 hours to beat, but knowing me it’ll be more like 40 hours since I like to wander around in RPG’s looking for all the hidden cash and junk. Thats it, I’m out!

Burnout3 is DONE!

Last night I was able to get gold medals in all the race portions of Burnout3. BOOYAH! I’m just missing two trophies but that matters little to me at this point since I completed all the races and my fiance cleared all the crash events. Now I think I’m going to go and pick up Jade Empire for some RPG action. Everywhere except Gamespot gave it an editors choice so I’m going to get it today after lunch. WHOOHOO NEW GAME!

I hate birds

I’ve hated birds for a while, especially pigeons which I consider flying rats. Now this is a funny story. Yesterday I was on my way to the mall and I was in the passenger seat while my fiance drove. I stuck my arm out of the window since it was a nice day. We were going through Westchase (really nice area of Tampa that I can’t afford) and I felt this *splash* on my arm. I thought it was water but there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the sprinkler system wasn’t on either. I looked and there was this white stuff on my arm. A damn bird took a dump on me!! My fiance was cracking up while driving and was nice enough to take me to a 7-11 to get cleaned up but yes, I now have a bigger hate on birds than I did before!

Why isn’t it Friday?

I don’t know what happend this morning but for some reason I thought it was Friday. I got up and felt great that it was Friday since it means I can wear jeans to work and the weekend was only a few hours away. I picked up my cell phone and looked at the day and saw it was THURSDAY! DAMN IT! Guess I have to suffer one more day till the weekend.

New South Park

I don’t know about the rest of you but I think South Park just keeps on getting better and better! Last nights about baseball was freakin awesome! I only played baseball for one year and I can say that I was kinda bored with it waiting around for the ball to come my way or to get up to bat so I could feel their pain. But putting the spin on every team wanting to lose to end the season was super sweet! If anyone noticed it, it was the return of Kyle’s cousin Kyle from CT. You would know him from the time that Mr Garrison made his own IT for traveling around the country without worrying about planes. Maybe he’ll be in another episode sometime soon. I can’t wait till next week!! BEEF CAKE!!