I want an iPad for work

The title for this post says it all. I want to have an iPad for work. This doesn’t mean that I supply the iPad and use it for work, I want work to supply me with the iPad. I have my own personal iPad that I take with me when I’m out on the job but it’s more for watching my movies, reading an ebook, or playing some of the games that I’ve downloaded from the app store. I also like to jailbreak my iPad so that makes things semi difficult since the app that my work uses doesn’t let me jailbreak my stuff.

What exactly would I use my iPad for? Most likely I would use it for emailing and taking notes while in meetings. I like to think that I’m green by using technology to replace paper and honestly, I can type way better and faster than I could ever write. I can barely understand my own chicken scratch half of the time. I think it would be awesome to use to create some documents or at least to review work that was emailed to me so I don’t have to wait for my laptop to boot up and then load my email and then launch the app I need to see what I’m going to review.

Although I can mostly do this on my iPhone, it would be nice to have a really big screen to see this stuff. I have used my iPad before while at work but I try and not to bring it out too much since its my personal device and not one meant for work. The model that I think would be of the greatest benefit would be the 4G LTE iPad that just came out this year. This would give me connectivity everywhere I can get a cell signal whereas with my laptop, if I’m not near a wifi spot, I’m just dead in the water when it comes to getting my emails.

I’m hoping soon that there will be a time when my job offers me an iPad for work as part of some “green” initiative and makes some truly excellent apps that I can do my work on or just does a bulk purchase and loads them for me when they hand it to me. Granted these iPads are a big chunk of change but if you get the lowest end model they’re still cheaper than your average laptop. In the mean time, I’ll whip out my personal iPad out from time to time for work but it definitely won’t be my “go to” device until someone else pays for one 😉

HHonors Diamond at last!

Finally after suffering through not having any status at hotels or airlines due to my inactivity last year, I have finally been able to reach status at one place, namely Hilton Hotels.  The highest status you can get with Hilton is Diamond unless there is some unspoken status that can be achieved but I’m not shooting for that.  I was just shooting for Diamond since having that was super sweet when I last had it in 2010.  The funny thing is, I don’t even know how I got it.  I was able to get Gold when I did Hilton’s yearly fast track to Gold challenge which isn’t all that challenging when you travel every week.  I was unaware if there was some challenge that would get me to Diamond, if there is I’m grateful that it kicked in.  This means I just get to rack in the bonus points so I can take vacations even sooner than I planned or I can save them for something truly awesome instead of just great.

I’m currently staying at a DoubleTree which is a Hilton property but they don’t give you a lot in the way of freebies besides breakfast and internet (its wired internet too since they don’t have wireless in the building which is strange).  If I can stay at another Hilton type property there will be even better benefits but it all depends on which Hilton branded hotel I stay in.  Whats really awesome is that last year they gave all the freebies to Diamond members where in the past you had to make a choice between points, food, or internet at most properties.  Now you just get all of them once you hit this tier.

Just for kicks I just calculated the number of points I got for my latest stay.  Mind you there is also a double point bonus that I signed up for so the points I’m getting right now are pretty much insane.  My points for last week were 26,958.  Thats pretty damn good if I do say so myself.  Most of my co-workers prefer staying at the Westin which is right next door.  The Westin is a very nice hotel and I’ll admit I love the smell in that place.  The white tea smell is pretty strong in the lobby and I’ll even admit that when I have to stay at a Westin I take the soap home with me just because I like how it smells.  Now that I have Diamond, I’m going to try and maintain it for next year as well since I know that any client that I end up going to there should be a Hilton property close by.  It may not have the rep among frequent travelers like SPG, but I always know that any podunk town that I may be sent there will always be some sort of Hilton in the area, you can’t say that for SPG.  Now to work on that pesky United status, I’ll be excited to just get to Silver with them and hopefully I can achieve it after Monday’s flight.

Update: I just decided to check my United account and I’m finally at Premier Silver!  Woohoo!  That means instead of being with boarding zone 7 or 8 I’ll be bumped up to 5!  Ahh its the little things in life that just make things all better when you’re down.  LOL!

Trying out ifttt

I’m trying out this new service that I discovered while browsing through my Twitter feed on Flipboard.  It’s a service called ifttt, for those of you that have never heard of this before, it stands for “if this then that”.  This is a neat little service that allows you to “put the web to work for you” by creating a series of recipes to do certain actions on the internet.  As an example, I’m a heavy Evernote user, at least I am for work but I do use it for personal stuff too.  Since I want to be able to archive a lot of the things that I do, I’ve been looking for Evernote recipes to utilize.  One of the things that I want to archive are blog posts such as this one.  I have just set up a recipe to archive anything that I post to my blog to my Evernote account so that I can have a running archive of all the crap that I rant about online that no one will ever read.  This recipe isn’t my first one, the first one that I did was to have all my Instagram photo’s archived to Evernote and that one seems to work just fine since over the past few days I’ve seen pictures pop up in my Evernote account that I took with Instagram.  I must say thats pretty damn nifty!

Being nifty and all, I’ve created a few more to archive pictures I’m tagged in on Facebook, my tweets on twitter, and my status updates to all go to Evernote. I hope that I have enough space to save all this crud but since most of what I do online is text and not media, I don’t think it will be a problem.  Only time will tell as ifttt does its little dance on the internet as I’m posting things.  The only concern that some people might have is putting in their login and password into ifttt to make the recipes required.  I have enough trust in most service aggregators to put those credentials in but if there are qualms about doing that, then this service isn’t for you.  Besides, I can always change my password if something fishy starts going on anyway or enable my privacy features on any number of accounts that I hold.

The only thing that I think is missing is a way to go back and archive things that have already been posted. For example, I’ve blogged a LOT over the years.  There are at least 7 years of posts sitting on WordPress right now and it would suck if I lost them all due to some unforeseen error.  The best that I can do is export it all to an XML file so it can be re-imported into another blog hosted by WordPress.  If I could just put it all in Evernote, that would be totally bad ass but I know that I would quickly go over my limit since there are nearly 1000 posts in this blog.

I’ll continue to monitor my Evernote account for changes since I made quite a few recipes tonight.  If this works out, Evernote might be my Go To app for almost everything that I do on the web as long as I don’t go over my monthly limit for my free account.