Deadpool is AWESOME, I want to see it again!


I went out last night to see the movie Deadpool with a bunch of friends from home.  I happen to be working from home right now and it seemed like a good night to go out.  After putting the kids to bed, me and the other fathers headed to the movie theater to watch the movie.  This is the first rated R movie for Marvel and it was totally bad ass.  Most of the humor definitely wouldn’t pass muster and it’s not a movie to take the kids to either.  I think the role were cast really well and I’ll probably be picking this up on BluRay because it was just that good of a movie.  I think the last few movies I’ve bought for the home have been Disney flicks so this will be a nice addition.  Since I normally get the 3 packs, Deadpool will be part of my video collection that travels with me on the plane.

I hope they make a Deadpool 2 in the next year or so, this movie deserves a sequel or at least have the character join the greater Marvel universe of characters although that might make some of the newer movies rated R.  Granted that would’t be a bad thing for us older folks but it would bar the movies from the younger generation, at least for a little while.

The next two movies on the docket are Captain America Civil War and Suicide Squad.  If I can swing it, I’m going to watch them at my local movie theater during the week.  The cost savings on the tickets alone were pretty good.  Normally I think the tickets on the weekend are around $10 and that’s before the service charge, during a Tuesday night it’s only $6.  Talk about a bargain!


Now I remember why I don’t work in Miami


Today I had to go to the office for the first time since it moved to the Wells Fargo center in downtown Miami.  I only needed to go in to pick up some stuff and I decided to go what I thought was after rush hour to get it.  I left at around 9AM and when I hit the highway I immediately hit rush hour traffic… WTF???  Shouldn’t these people already be at the office or something?  What should be a 30 minute ride to the office took around an hour and fifteen minutes instead.  I used Google Maps to find the best way to downtown and ended up going down the mean streets of North Miami where I saw a ton of graffiti on different buildings and concrete fences.  I’ll admit that the graffiti was very well done and was a nice change from looking at tail lights on I-95.

Downtown Miami was a crazy mess of cars.  It’s a lot busier than I remember and that last mile took entirely too long.  I was glad to get to the garage but hated that they charged by the half hour (yet another WTF moment).  I stayed maybe an hour to pick up what I needed and then tried to go home (again not during rush hour) and I ran into bumper to bumper traffic for most of the way home. Granted it was because of a nasty 4 car accident but still being in traffic for almost 3 hours outside of rush hour is just crazy.  This just continues to remind me why I don’t have local clients.  Every once in a while I get the urge to be local but it’s days like today that remind me that’s just crazy talk unless I can work from home.  The productivity lost to traffic is immense, white collar work doesn’t need offices anymore, it’s time to go virtual and stopping the madness that is the daily work commute!

On the plus side I did see some fabulous street art that I would have never seen if I had not gone to the office today.

I got a GoPro Hero 4 Session

I recently got a GoPro for myself by burning some of my Amex points.  I had quite a few points that I’ve built up so I decided why not, it might be fun having this thing.  I really bought it for my snowboarding trip that I’m going to take in March.  It will be the first time for my entire family to go snowboarding and capturing it on video seemed appealing.  I looked into some different solutions with my iPhone but most of them were a little risky and iPhones and snow don’t mix well if you wipe out.

I bought the Hero 4 Session because it’s really small and it’s already water proof!  It can last about 2 hours per charge but I don’t intend to take that much video in a single shot.  That would require lots of cutting and editing on my part.  I might take a laptop with me so I can dump the footage to a memory stick and then edit it when I get home.

So far I’ve used the GoPro only a handful of times.  Mostly to take video of my daughter playing soccer or doing Kung fu.  I bought this plastic thing that you can hold that also converts into a stand.  The stand part is awesome, it allows the camera to be stationary and take video while I do other stuff.  I hooked the camera up to my iPhone and that took a while to get just right but I think I got it to work now.  I haven’t tried dumping video to my iPhone from the camera but maybe I should do that before my trip which might save me from bringing the laptop.

I recently got some new accessories that I’m waiting to be delivered.  The centerpiece is the chest mount which is what I’ll probably end up using the most. I have a head mount but that seems cheesy and it wouldn’t fit on my motorcycle helmet anyway.  I think the chest mount will be more stable and it won’t hurt my head if I fall or something.  I’m really excited to get the chest mount so I can use it on motorcycle rides.  There are plenty of times that I’ve ridden my bike and wanted to take a photo or video but you just can’t while on the go, this should solve the problem without having to stick a mounting point directly on my bike.

Once I get a decent video of me riding on a motorcycle, I’ll post that bad boy up on YouTube.  So awesome can’t wait to do this!