Navigon for my iPhone

Meet my most recent iPhone app purchase... Navigon!  I bought this for me and my wife so we both have navigation readily available on our phones.  I have owned TomTom software or GPS systems for the last few years for my Treo and as a stand alone device but I just wasn't all that happy … Continue reading Navigon for my iPhone

Stop trying to make me check my rollerboard!

I didn't blog about this incident but I sure did tweet about it.  A couple of weeks ago I was going through the Ft. Lauderdale airport like I always do at around 5:00AM sporing my rollerboard and my backpack.  I normally have no trouble getting through security with either of these items but for some … Continue reading Stop trying to make me check my rollerboard!

Blu Ray comes to my household!

After years of contemplating whether or not to get one of these things the wife and I decided to get a Blu Ray player for our house.  I decided on the Sony BDP-N460 player after talking to some friends of mine about image quality and looking up the specs and reviews online.  I have only … Continue reading Blu Ray comes to my household!

New Super Mario Brothers Wii

This Christmas I got a new video game for my Wii which is a throw back to a classic, Super Mario Brothers.  I would say that I played some of the previous versions of Super Mario Brothers but I was a Sega fan up until the time Sega stopped making game consoles.  I have played … Continue reading New Super Mario Brothers Wii