Bing for my iPhone

I figure that I haven’t blogged about this yet and I’m bored tonight so why not.  After a long wait Bing is finally on the iPhone with their own app and everything (as seen on the left).  Bing used to be MSN Search or whatever it was called, it was the search engine that was there but was rarely used since there were other options like Yahoo and Google which people seemed to like better.

I like Bing and have been using it as my default search engine on my PC since it came out.  I like the pictures that change daily with the neat facts on the search front page and that function seems to have been ported over to the Bing app for iPhone so it looks just like if you were using your regular computer.  The search results aren’t bad so far and there isn’t much else to say about it, it just works like its supposed to which is a good thing.

The only thing I wish I could do is change the search engine to Bing for Safari on my iPhone.  I only have the choice of using Google or Yahoo but nothing else which totally stinks.  There might be an awesome search engine that I want to use but have no ability to use it.  They should make it more like Mozilla Firefox where I can add different search engines to the search bar so I can pick which one I want to use.  Web search is not limited to just Yahoo and Google alone!

I don’t have anything to look up right now on Bing but I’ll continue to click on the picture that comes up to find some fun facts on things that live on the planet Earth.


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