Stylus for my iPads

This week I decided to bite the bullet and buy a stylus for my iPad. I've been trying out some of the free drawing and note taking apps of late and trying to write with my finger is really not that great of an experience. My handwriting is already not the best so when I … Continue reading Stylus for my iPads

Evernote is awesome for work

Traditionally I have been a OneNote kind of person when it comes to taking notes for my work related stuff.  It was nice that I could draw things (which I rarely did), put notes anywhere on the page (which I did a lot), and they were all neatly organized in notebooks.  The only problem with … Continue reading Evernote is awesome for work

WordPress for iPad is much improved

Tonight I upgraded my version of WordPress for iPad/iPhone and I have to say that thy have finally been able to fix some of the crashing problems that I've had in the past that have prevented me from blogging on my iDevices. I used to try and blog while on the road using the WordPress … Continue reading WordPress for iPad is much improved