Investing cuz bank interest rates suck!

Recently I have decided to use some of hard earned gains to invest in the stock market on my own. I'm not very good at this sort of thing at all but I figured I had a little spare change so it's a good time to take a dip and see if I can get … Continue reading Investing cuz bank interest rates suck!

IHeartRadio is a battery killer

I have been a fan of iheartradio for a while now since I can listen to a lot of my New York radio stations, and Hawaiian ones for that matter, on my iPhone while I'm at work or at home. I've used it a lot while I've been at the playground with my daughter as … Continue reading IHeartRadio is a battery killer

*Dislike* for the WordPress Dashboard Update

I wouldn't say that I'm a very old WordPress user or even an old blogger.  I've only been using WordPress for a couple of years.... I think... I can't remember when I did the switch to WordPress from Blogger but when I joined WordPress the thing I liked was its overly complex Dashboard that was … Continue reading *Dislike* for the WordPress Dashboard Update

The First Ft. Lauderdale Color Run

Today is Cinco De Mayo but it was also the first ever Color Run in Ft. Lauderdale. Unlike most runs that I or my wife have done in the past, this wasn't a race where you were timed, it was nearly an event to have some fun with a running component. I personally haven't run … Continue reading The First Ft. Lauderdale Color Run