So Yahoo! bought Tumblr….


The latest and greatest news before the opening bell of the stock market is that Tumblr has been purchased by Yahoo! for a cool 1.1B in cash.  Thats not a bad pay day for the guys who run and manage Tumblr at all in my opinion.  There was even a post in Fast Company that stated that a number of people were abandoning Tumblr for WordPress (my blogging service of choice since I left Blogger a few years ago) for fear that Yahoo! would mess it up as it has some other properties in the past.  I think this will be different though.  I don’t think there will be a lot of interference from Yahoo! except to find new ways to generate cash through ads or by pushing some cool technology platforms out and using the audience as a test bed.

I’m still surprised that blogging among the masses is still popular.  I posted something long ago that even questioned whether blogging was even relevant anymore.  I’ve posted for years and no one follows me as far as I know and my blog gets minuscule hits but that was never the purpose of my blog anyway.  I guess we’ll see how things go and see if this changes blogging…. I seriously doubt this will do anything to shake things up though 🙂


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