Investing cuz bank interest rates suck!

Recently I have decided to use some of hard earned gains to invest in the stock market on my own. I’m not very good at this sort of thing at all but I figured I had a little spare change so it’s a good time to take a dip and see if I can get a better rate of return than if it sat in my savings account. If the banks were giving a decent rate of return in savings I probably would have never even considered doing this but since 2008, the interest rate on savings has been almost non-existent so in order to make money, I am going to take a little risk.

I didn’t put in too much, just some cash for a rainy day that I had so instead of buying an iPad mini or something like that I’m sticking it in the market to see if it can get something around 3-4% instead of 0.0125% in a year or so. To me that would be totally win win since I could use more extra money for a rainy day. The thing I really don’t like is risk but investing is like life, you take on the amount of risk you can stomach and move forward. I take a risk every week by flying but technically that risk is way lower than if I drove to work in Miami of all places.

To aid my endeavor, I am listening to some finance pod casts to see what all this terminology is and what I should potentially be buying. I don’t have cash to buy stuff like Apple or Google since their prices are way too high and owning a single share of one stock won’t net me anything. I decided for something affordable and something that an industry or people need (not want) since I’m not playing for quick growth or anything like that. Slow and steady will win this race. I’ll write more if I make some cash and if I’m silent about this topic after this post it means I really suck at it and I’m trying to win my money back.


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