Awaiting the Apple Watch

Like a lot of people I’ve been keeping tabs on the new Apple Watch that was just announced during the “Spring Forward” event.  A lot of the stuff on the Spring Forward event was a rehash of what was already shown when it was first mentioned when the iPhone 6 was released.  I’ll admit that I’m definitely intereted in getting an Apple Watch but I might wait until the 2nd iteration comes out and for there to be a lot more apps.  As a frequent traveler there were 3 things that were totally awesome during the demo.

1) Getting my boarding pass on my watch (I happen to fly American a lot and this was demoed).

I go through airport security twice a week most of the time and I always have to dig out my ID and my phone and present it to TSA so they can scan it to make sure I’m in the right line.  The idea of getting my boarding pass on my wrist and just scanning that instead of fishing for my phone would be a great convenience to me (its not a MUST have that would make me buy the watch though)

2) Unlocking my room at a SPG hotel using Apple Watch

Along with boarding planes I go and stay at hotel quite often.  I’m technically a Hilton loyalist but I have also started to stay at Starwood properties a lot recently.  Unfortunately a lot of the Starwood hotels haven’t been upgraded to include this feature yet but this would also be a nice time saver for me and I wouldn’t need to fish in my wallet for a key card to get into my room.  I’ve forgotten my key card more than once duringa  trip but rarely do I ever forget my watch.

3) Remotely manage my house while traveling

This is more on me than anything else and requires a lot more money to spend doing upgrades but I like the idea of being able to open my garage door using my watch (very helpful for someone that rides a motorcycle and keeps it in their garage).  I would also probably do a few more upgrades like get some remotes for the lights in the front so I can turn them on before I get home so I’m not in total darkness or maybe even unlock and lock my front door using the watch.  Again lots of money will proably be needed to do this one and I’m not willing to spend all that right now.

The real reason I don’t think I need the Apple Watch right now is because I have a very nice watch my wife gave me during my 30th birthday which I asked her for and I still wear every day.  It does what a watch is designed to do which is keep time.  I’ll re-evaluate things after the first year is done, then maybe I’ll get the sport edition.


Finally Thawing Out

It’s been over a week since I was last in Chicago and my bones have finally finished thawing out from the deep freeze.  The second picture in this post characterizes what I left which was an arctic wonderland to my first picture which is of my motorcycle when I took a trip to Ft. Lauderdale.

My schedule says I may be heading to Boston but that will be closer to the end of the month so in the mean time I will be working in Florida and enjoying the nice weather that comes with living here.  I wish there was more time during the day to take out my bike but I’m still working so its still just a weekend activity that I can enjoy.  What I did learn this weekend though was not to ride anywhere close to Ft. Lauderdale or the beach near Las Olas.  Being on a motorcycle stuck in traffic really sucks.  I spent about an hour in traffic just trying to get back to the highway so I could enjoy riding and not suffering.  The pic below is where I turned off near the beach to take a break since I was on my way to GoBistro for some ramen noodles and softshell crab buns (that place is awesome btw).

With luck I’ll be here until it becomes a little warmer in Boston so I can venture out after hours and not have to wear all my winter clothing (it always weighs down my bag that I carry on the plane).  I’m also looking forward to not eating Chipotle every freaking week!

Blog Redesign…. kinda….

I don’t recall how long I’ve been using my previous blog design but I think it was at least 5 or more years since I put up that design when I moved from Blogger to WordPress.   I recently went through the themes that were available on and decided to refresh the design a little bit.  The newer theme doesn’t deviate too much from my old one since I am kind of lazy and so few people read the blog.  What I wish I did do was at least take a screen shot of the old blog design since now I can’t go back and reload it.

I like the new design that I picked out and I do recall that instead of Ocean Drive being the featured image on my blog, I changed it to a beach theme since I do live in Florida and I am more likely to visit the beach than I would South Beach.  Every time I do a refresh I like looking at some of my oldest posts to see what it is I was writing about.  The posts were much shorter back then but I don’t think I’ve changed that much.  I suppose it will be another 5 years until I refresh the design again but I happen to like this one a lot so it might last even longer than that.  Time to get to bed early since I have a very early flight home.  I can’t wait to be back in the warmth of Florida and away from Chicago.

…..and I’m Still in Chicago

This was supposed to be my final week in Chicago for quite a while and the travel gods were treating me well.  I was supposed to go to New York today for a work function but the weather had other ideas.  I even stayed near the airport so I could sleep in a little bit more.  The first clue that today would be a bad travel day was when I learned the plane I was supposed to be on was in the hangar getting something fixed and that they were looking for a new plane.  Thats not really a major conern, when you fly a big airline there are always spare planes for this kind of eventuallity.

Take off and the flight itself was non-eventful and per the norm I fell asleep.  I woke up during decent and something sort of seemed amis during approach.  The landscape didn’t look right since there wasn’t a multitude of buildings nor did I recognize anything remotely looking like Queens as we touched down.  Thats when I finally learned we were in Pittsburgh (see photo below).  La Guardia was shut down because of a plane skidding off the runway so that meant I wasn’t going to NY anytime soon and I wouldn’t be able to catch my flight from NY to Miami.  The hold time for American was crazy so I used my firms travel agency and they were able to get me a flight out tomorrow and a hotel room, the only catch was that I had to fly all the way back to Chicago.

So here I am writing this blog post in my hotel in Chicago, about 11 hours after I started my journey this morning.  What a waste of a day but at least I got some pretty sweet photos.  The first one is from the lounge at the Westin that I took a couple days ago (not today) since it was the last sun rise I would see from the Westin North Shore for a long time.  The next photo was of the approach to Pittsurgh, and the last photo is of Chicago as I came back after flying back so I can catch my flight home.

I won’t be missing this at all, hopefully spring will come soon so I won’t have to deal with this crap for the rest of 2015.