…..and I’m Still in Chicago

This was supposed to be my final week in Chicago for quite a while and the travel gods were treating me well.  I was supposed to go to New York today for a work function but the weather had other ideas.  I even stayed near the airport so I could sleep in a little bit more.  The first clue that today would be a bad travel day was when I learned the plane I was supposed to be on was in the hangar getting something fixed and that they were looking for a new plane.  Thats not really a major conern, when you fly a big airline there are always spare planes for this kind of eventuallity.

Take off and the flight itself was non-eventful and per the norm I fell asleep.  I woke up during decent and something sort of seemed amis during approach.  The landscape didn’t look right since there wasn’t a multitude of buildings nor did I recognize anything remotely looking like Queens as we touched down.  Thats when I finally learned we were in Pittsburgh (see photo below).  La Guardia was shut down because of a plane skidding off the runway so that meant I wasn’t going to NY anytime soon and I wouldn’t be able to catch my flight from NY to Miami.  The hold time for American was crazy so I used my firms travel agency and they were able to get me a flight out tomorrow and a hotel room, the only catch was that I had to fly all the way back to Chicago.

So here I am writing this blog post in my hotel in Chicago, about 11 hours after I started my journey this morning.  What a waste of a day but at least I got some pretty sweet photos.  The first one is from the lounge at the Westin that I took a couple days ago (not today) since it was the last sun rise I would see from the Westin North Shore for a long time.  The next photo was of the approach to Pittsurgh, and the last photo is of Chicago as I came back after flying back so I can catch my flight home.

I won’t be missing this at all, hopefully spring will come soon so I won’t have to deal with this crap for the rest of 2015.


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