A week and a half with my iPhone 6

I was one of those crazy people that woke up super early on Friday to pre-order my iPhone 6 for me and my wife. I was already off contract and my iPhone 4S was a little on the old side so it seemed that now would be the right time to upgrade. This post will be short since there are more than enough reviews about the hardware and software.

1) The phone is a little on the large side making it harder to use with one hand
2) The screen size though is pretty awesome, I tried using my old 4S and it was difficult to do so since the screen was that much smaller
3) The camera is much improved over my 4S, I haven’t compared it to the 5s I use for work but I can say it is much better especially for focusing on people in action

Those are the highlights that I can see for now except for the fact that having 128GB available is AWESOME! This will definitely help with all the photos I’ll be taking with the phone over the next couple of years. Ok I’m done for now, time to continue watching Sons of Anarchy.


A little behind on my blogging goal

I know I’ve been neglecting my blog for a while but man am I really far from my 100 post a year goal. I guess that’s due to being busy with the family and during the week. I guess I can write a nice bullet list that captures the important stuff.

– Went to Alaska with the family to see the wonder and splendor of winter during summer
– Sold my 2002 Altima since it was about to die
– Bought a 2013 Honda Accord to replace my Altima
– Bought a Concert Ukulele so I could learn how to play it and in turn teach my daughter how to play hers that was given to her by my father
– Had my father in law build a nice “basement” for the townhouse to store more stuff
– Got an iPhone 6 to replace my 4S finally but had to renew my contract with AT&T 😦

Hmmm I think that hits all the high notes over the last few months. I’m sure there are others but I probably already posted about it on Facebook or Twitter.

I’ll have to see how much more energy I have to keep this going or if I should just shut it down and export everything so I have a copy of it. Until the next post (which might be on New Year’s Eve of 2015….)