Google Photo’s is awesome at creating “stuff”


I’ve been using Google Photo’s since it came out with the new version.  I used to use Picasa occasionally  but it was just a place to view the photos on my hard drive.  I installed Google Photo’s on my iPhone, iPad, and my Mac so that all my photos could be uploaded for safe keeping.  One of the cool parts about it is that Google Photos starts doing neat things with the photos it finds.  The example I have in this post is a panoramic that Google Photo’s put together from 3 separate photos that I took while waiting to take off from Miami.  I’d say it came out pretty sweet.

There are other things that it does like make short videos, turn things black and white, and make collages on its own based on the time the photo was taken or where the photo was taken.  It takes all that meta data from my iPhone that saves things like the location and date/time stamp and uses that to make smart albums.  I think that Apple is trying to do the same thing with Memories but minus some of the other cool functions that Google Photos does.

While Photos from Apple is pretty awesome, there are a lot of storage limitations because I don’t pay for iCloud storage and only use the free options so I can’t back up everything.  I have well over 20,000 photos and around 1,000 videos and all that takes up a lot of storage.  Google Photos is just one means of backing things up but the fact that it does cool stuff with my photos is just some nice bonus stuff.  I also get the option to save the little creations from Google and I take full advantage of that, you never know when I’m going to look back on some of this stuff whenI get older and see how cool some of my pictures came out with a little bit of Google magic.

I’d post more stuff but its hard to do so on WordPress from Google Photos, it doesn’t like the share links that I use.  I had to go around that problem by uploading to Flickr then using their share links after making the photo public.  If I get more cool stuff like this, I’ll post it here or using Twitter to give it more exposure.


Upgrading to macOS Sierra

macOS Sierra is upon us and I decided to upgrade my 2011 MacBook Pro to the new operating system.  My computer is pretty old by most accounts.  I can’t take advantage of cool things such as AirDrop (they introduced that as a major feature in 2012) but my Mac is still getting the job done especially after doing the SSD upgrade.

I originally bought my Mac with OSX Snow Leopard but quickly went to Lion.  After that was Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, and now Sierra.  My Mac has been upgraded a lot at least from an OS perspective, and the iterations have been pretty decent overall.  The biggest change that I see with this version of macOS is the inclusion of Siri.  I’ve tried Siri for a couple of things but not extensively, I originally had some issues with using Siri because my VPN was getting in the way, but an upgrade to the VPN client fixed that issue and everything seems to be running smoothly again.

There was this little bit of annoyance when I first installed the new OS, the fan on my Mac would run constantly and I couldn’t understand why.  I did some searching on the internet and I did an SMC reset and that might have fixed the problem.  I also looked at the Activity Monitor and found that the Photo’s app was doing a lot of work in the background, I think its because it was trying to find faces, create memories, and generally upgrade the library with all the new features that came with the OS.

After about a day of letting it run, all seems well.  At some point I think I won’t be able to upgrade my Mac anymore with a new OS but I’m hoping that will be a few more years off.  I don’t really need another computer, I don’t use my computer for much anymore except surfing the web but I still need lots of storage and ports for things like my iPhones, iPads, and GoPro.  I’ll do more searching around and see what other things macOS Sierra has to offer beyond the basics.

Shot on my iPhone 6

New photo added to "Camera Roll"

I’ve taken a lot of pictures on my iPhone since I got it two years ago but I’ve mainly been using it for family shots.  Every once in a while I get a shot thats pretty awesome but I rarely share it online except maybe on the occasional Tweet or maybe a Facebook post.  I did share a bunch of photos once but that was when I was in Washington DC and that was definitely many years ago.

This particular shot I took this morning when I went to some Secret Park in Broward County. I took this just using my regular iPhone camera app, I’ve tried a few apps here and there but I always revert back to the original camera app since it seems to be the fastest option when my phone is locked and I want to take a quick snap shot.

New photo added to "Camera Roll"

This was another shot that I took using my iPhone 6 using the panoramic feature.  I was up on the 70th floor of the Westin overlooking Centennial Park in Atlanta.  I’ve taken a few pictures with my iPhone 6s that I use for work but I limit the pictures I take with that because I don’t know if work monitors what photos I take with it or not and I prefer to keep work and personal life as separate as possible.

What I was trying to look for was a way to submit some of my more awesome photos on that “Shot on iPhone” campaign that Apple was doing but I wasn’t able to find a way to do it.  I did see that Apple probably just trolls the public feed of places like Flickr so I changed the photos that I have on this blog post to public, maybe one of them will make it to the website or a billboard.  I’m off on another trip next week but its only to Atlanta which I’ve been to a few times already so there isn’t much to take pictures of unless its of a sporting event or something.  However Beyonce is supposed to be there next week, maybe I’ll be able to catch a snap shot of her leaving her concert or something.