2011 Jambox vs. 2016 UE Boom 2

It's that time of year again, I celebrated getting one year older and with it came an awesome gift..... the UE Boom 2! This thing is totally awesome but it's going to complement my current Jambox in the home. Here are some distinct differences between the two obviously but both do the same basic function, … Continue reading 2011 Jambox vs. 2016 UE Boom 2

Re-Installing Windows Still SUCKS

I managed to royally screw up my daughter's computer when I was trying to delete the recovery partition because I wanted the latest and greatest Windows 10 updates.  The screw up was so bad that I am actually re-installing Windows 10 right now.  I haven't done this in a long time and it brings back … Continue reading Re-Installing Windows Still SUCKS

HP Stream – Too little storage

I bought this little computer for my daughter so that she could watch some stuff online without killing her eyes trying to always watch on her iPhone (yeah my kid is using an old iPhone 4s, you wouldn't believe how useful it is for streaming content in the minivan).  There is a new Windows 10 … Continue reading HP Stream – Too little storage

Complicating my home wireless setup

I've recently run into some trouble with the wireless in my home and no matter what I do I can't seem to fix it.  I've tried everything from rebooting the thing, messing with the configuration, to even calling Comcast to see if they could do anything on their end to make the thing stop dropping … Continue reading Complicating my home wireless setup