Miami-Dade Roads are AWEFUL!

This past weekend I had a rare treat in that I was able to spend almost an entire day on my motorcycle. All in all, I rode for 100 miles give or take on Sunday going through Broward and Miami-Dade counties in South Florida. One of the things that I've never done before is ride … Continue reading Miami-Dade Roads are AWEFUL!

40 Day Facebook Break

I'm pretty sure that I've tweeted this already but I'm on a self imposed break from Facebook. I'm not allowed to check it at all but I can post via Twitter but I can't see any responses. The reason for my exile is because of Lent. Normally I would give up a food but my … Continue reading 40 Day Facebook Break

Finally Using my Miles on United

I finally was able to use my United miles for a trip and surprisingly it only cost me 150K for 3 round trip tickets. Although I have given up on United as an airline because of my travel schedule, that doesn't mean I won't use the status that I currently have to my family's advantage. … Continue reading Finally Using my Miles on United