iOS 4.0 is live for iPhones…. and I’m not installing it yet!

It has finally come to pass, iOS4 has been released for all iDevices on the planet except for the iPad which will get its upgrade later this fall.  I have been following the release on the internet using a number of blogs and so far things sound pretty positive.  It seems the best way to get things going is to set up the device as if it was a brand new iPhone to get the OS on and then to do a restore to get the applications you used back on the device.  I’ve done a few restores of my iPhone but that was due to it constantly crashing and the process is quite time consuming to get all the data back.

I am personally not going to be updating any of my devices to iOS4 just yet.  I’m going to be patient and wait and see if a jailbreak comes out since my jailbreak apps are quite important.  The most important of these is MyWi which I use every once in a while for work when I need internet access while on the road.  I don’t think the way AT&T is selling tethering is correct, I’m using the same data pipe but I need to pay for the privilege of using my iPhone as a wireless modem.  For me thats not really a problem since I have unlimited data still (and I will continue to have unlimited data since I’m never leaving this plan after AT&T instituted that crappy data plan where it meters you by how much data you use).

I expect to see a jailbreak come in the next couple of weeks and for now I can live without iOS4.  Most of what is offered by iOS (except for something like folders or the universal inbox) I currently have in some form or fashion using a jailbreak.  I’ll be sure to upgrade when a new jailbreak is available so I don’t lose some of my more important apps.  I’ll continue to read up on iOS to see if there are any bugs or problems with it.  Can’t wait to upgrade though 🙂

WordPress for iPhone lost my blog post

Yesterday morning I had a little time before I boarded my flight to MSP so I decided to fire up my WordPress app that I keep on my iPhone and iPod Touch. I don’t blog a lot from either device because I normally like to use a full keyboard and add some photos and stuff to make the post more cool looking.

I’m making an exception today.

I wrote a post yesterday on my iPod and saved it as a local draft so that I could finish it in the plane because that’s one of te features of the WordPress app. After climbing up to 10,000 feet so I could use my electronic devices again, I went to try and complete my post. To my surprise the post was gone and I couldn’t find it anywhere in the app. I tried another test post just to see if I was crazy but I lost that post too.

Now I’m going to start using my super secret email address that I have with WordPress so I stop losing posts. I can always add photos and what not later as well as my tags. So to the developers at WordPress, please fix the app already, it really shouldn’t lose my posts! I don’t get inspired to write in my blog often. I’m guessing I won’t reach my goal of 100 posts this year but I have 6 months to catch up.

Time to test and see if email submission to WordPress is reliable.

Sent from my iPod

iPad or Netbook?? Hmmm….

I have recently begun to question what it is I do with all the technology in my house and the one thing that keeps on coming back is that I really just need it to look stuff up.  This has gotten me into thinking about the types of technology I should buy.  I currently spend a great deal of my time in my office because I have a computer and a TV in here but I have TV’s in other parts of the house but I don’t use those TV’s as much because there is no computer.  I have devices such as my iPhone and my iPod touch or even my laptop coputer that I use for work.  I use my iPhone when I’m away from home, which is quite a bit, but I wanted something for the house that I could just lug around but not be too heavy and do the things I want to do which is web surf to do research.

I’m torn between the iPad which is a new device that just came out from Apple which is really a huge ass iPod Touch or iPhone or getting a netbook.  I went to Best Buy this weekend and decided to try both devices…. well thats a lie, I know what  a netbook is like, its just a PC but on a much smaller scale that runs Windows etc. etc…. and I didn’t really try it out but since I have a laptop already, how much different can it be?  The appeal of the netbook right now is the price point.  Well kinda…. I have a bunch of United Miles that I can use towards a netbook such as the Acer One or I can use those points for a couple of different things like speakers for my iPod Touch so I can take it to the beach and stuff and a mini DV camera to record movies.  I would have to travel to Chicago one more time and transfer all of my Marriott points over to United in order for me to make this purchase.  The drawback that I see is that its still a computer.  I have my home desktop which has more power than I know what to do with with a 22″ screen and Bose sound system.  I’d have to deal with Windows and all the crap that goes with it and installing applications to make it do the things I want it to do.  Although it would be quite useful to have a more portable computer to have around the house that wasn’t my work laptop.  I don’t know if I see myself editing pictures and what not but I do think that I would upload stuff from my camera to the web or something like that.  All this makes a pretty good case for a netbook to me since it has the versatility of a computer but in a much smaller package.

I did go and see an iPad today at Best Buy and gave it a whirl for internet, books, and a game or two that I was already familiar with such as Flight Control.  It’s a pretty neat device I must say with the big touch screen and the accelerometer.  It’s strengths are what hurts it for me right now since it would duplicate the functions of my current iPhone and iPod touch.  The difference being is that the screen size is way bigger so it would make things like reading my Kindle Books or watching my videos that I put on my iPhone much more appealing to me if I took it with me on the road.  I guess the fact that it can do what I currently do on my iPhone except on a much bigger scale is an appealing aspect.  I use my iPhone a lot for watching movies and reading books on the plane ride to and from my client sites.  The kicker is that the 3G version isn’t out yet and I’m not really willing to pay for another 3G plan.  I was considering buying a Kindle at some point but this would actually eliminate that need since I would have potentially 3 different book stores available to me instead of just Amazon.  The movie part would be awesome too, I would be able to watch movies in larger formats on the road and I could potentially watch them at home or on my balcony instead of being cooped up indoors all day long.

I’ll have to think about this one for a little bit…….. lol……. not really, I just finished buying an iPad using my EPP discount at Apple.  I didn’t get a discount on the iPad itself but I did get one on the case.  I bought the 64GB version so I can hold more of my movies on it.  I might still get the netbook too since I have to take a trip to Chicago in late May but we’ll see.  Having a new Canon Camera would be nice though….

The ultimate iPhone battery pack

A few weeks ago I purchased the Imax Power battery on the advice from my friend Luu (the mac fan guru).  As anyone that owns an iPhone knows, the iPhone battery is not really up to snuff when it comes to keeping a charge that lasts the entire day let alone a number of days.  Hence the entry of the Imax Power battery.  This battery supposedly has 5 times the capacity of your average iPhone so that means it can keep the iPhone going for a number of days at the very least.

I’ve used it only once so far during my travels to recharge my iPhone when it was nearly dead but it has a fast charger so that it doesn’t take long at all to recharge.  The battery itself takes about 5 hours to charge up from zero charge which is pretty good.  The best part is that it’s not limited to charging my iPhone, it can charge anything that can hook up to a USB port.  That means I can use it to charge my iPod’s (yes I have many) and my bluetooth headset as well.

I’ll probably end up giving it a good test this holiday season while I’m traveling since I don’t expect to have access to an A/C outlet a lot of the time.  I highly recommend this battery for anyone that travels even if it is only to keep a cell phone all charged up to make emergency calls.  And its cheap too!  Only $55 🙂

iTunes 9

Apple recently released iTunes 9 along with a whole host of upgraded iPod’s that should be coming out soon.  There was also a small upgrade to the iPhone/iPod Touch firmware which I downloaded but I’m still looking for what changed.  The new iTunes is pretty slick but it keeps most of the same functionality.

The big improvements are the iTunes Store which got a much needed face lift.  It makes it easier to navigate to look for songs, apps, movies, etc.  I still think the best way to get music for my iPod is using the built in iTunes software on my iPod.  For some reason it just seems to be better than using the PC version.  I don’t know about the Mac version but I’m suspecting that both look pretty similar.

The best thing is that you can now manage what your iPhone/iPod Touch screens look like.  This was probably the single best feature of the entire upgrade because now I can use a PC to move apps around instead of having to drag it with my finger to other pages to re-arrange my apps to my liking.  There were some other major changes but I haven’t tried any of them out.  A lot of it revolves around the improved Genius function which will select music that is similar to what you normally listen to or mark with 5 stars or something like that.

One function that really interests me is this new home sharing function.  I watched the intro video and supposedly I can share my home library with my other computers that use the same user name and password for my iTunes account.  I only have my home desktop currently but I do have my work laptop.  I don’t really want to install it on my work laptop but I might try it on a virtual machine if I have enough room.

The new iPod Nano is super sweet with its new video camera and FM tuner.  The Touch is really unchanged except for increasing the storage to 64GB.  I’m guessing that if the iPod increased its storage capacity by 32GB, the iPhone can’t be far behind.  We’ll see what the next year brings.  Maybe iPhone will be in my future if there is that much storage on the iPhone 🙂

TweetDeck – Twitter app for Desktops and iPhone

I am once again trying out some new software to help keep up with my social network and one that came highly recommended on the net is Tweet Deck.  Tweet Deck comes in two different varieties, the iPhone version and the Desktop version.  I’m using both of them at the moment and it seems like an excellent piece of software.  I’ll start with the desktop version first.

The cool thing about the software is that it uses panels to show tweets, direct messages, mentions, and Facebook status updates.  Thats some pretty powerful stuff!  I’ve been using it for a week now and its been quite easy to keep up with everything at once in terms of status updates from people I know or that I’m following.  I’m able to tweet or provide Facebook updates directly from the app so that is definitely a plus in that I don’t have to log into their respective websites to do the updates.  Here’s the thing, it only shows status or tweets, anything else and you have to go directly into the app.  It also has a sync function with the iPhone version but I haven’t used that aspect of the software yet, actually I haven’t found a need.  One of the cooler panels that the app has are suggestions for people to follow.  I’ve actually found some interesting people to follow on Twitter using this function so in that way its been pretty useful to me already.  If they could only make TweetDeck minimize to a desktop tray icon that would be uber sweet!  I think I’ll continue to play with this app, I’m hoping they don’t start to charge for it and just use ad support for their business model.

I also downloaded the iPhone version which works on my iPod Touch and it works a lot like the desktop version.  This version only allows three panels which are tweets, direct messages, and mentions.  The interface looks pretty much the same and for a mobile version it does what I need which is tweet my current status.  I’ve actually replaced Twitterfon with TweetDeck since I like the interface much better.  I could have set up a sync with my desktop but I’m not on my desktop enough to even bother.

I’ll keep looking on the interweb for more ways to keep me updated about my social networks but for now this app will do just fine unless something better comes along.

Media sync is slow on Windows Mobile

Tonight I’m trying to sync some music to my Treo Pro and its just going way too slow for my taste.  500+ songs is estimated to take around 200+ minutes to sync which is my humble opinion is just way too long.  I can copy that many songs in way less time from computer to external hard drive or I can sync all 4000 songs on my iPod Touch.  I’ve tried syncing with Windows Media Player and Winamp and both of them take sooo long to put music and playlists on my phone.  I don’t really use my Treo for music, its mostly there as a back up to my iPod in case I drained the battery or something.

There are a lot of different media programs for Windows Mobile like The Core Pocket Media Player, Kinoma Player, and Pocket Tunes.  All these solutions cost money though and being the cheapskate that I am, I’m not readily willing to purchase this software to listen to my tunes on my beloved Treo.  I did try Kinoma Player before but I found it a bit too complex just to get my tunes, it was a full featured media player with video and what not but it just wasn’t for me.  I’ve seriously considered getting Pocket Tunes but as one of my previous posts have indicated, Windows Mobile software is just way too expensive sometimes and at $35, thats a big pill for me to swallow just to play music occasionally on my Treo.

Good case in point, I started syncing my Treo at 10:00PM, its only at 11% complete and its only 500 or so songs.  Thats just terrible!  There are quite a few reasons why I still don’t have an iPhone but if music was really really important to me I probably would have forked over the cash for the 3GS.  On the horizon is Windows Mobile 6.5 but I’m not sure if Palm is going to release a ROM update for my phone since not that many people have it.  I know that AT&T won’t do it because to them, I’m not even using a phone supported by them, I’m just using their service on their network.

What I’m hoping for in the next version of Windows Mobile is something closer to what they’re trying to do with the Zune HD. For those of you that don’t know, the Zune HD is Microsoft’s direct competitor with the iPhone.  It didn’t sell so well (at least I don’t think so since I see everyone walking around with white Apple ear buds all the time).  The Zune HD is set to be released in September and I think it has some elements of what is going to be in Windows Mobile 7 which should come out sometime in 2010.  The interface is going to have multi touch like the iPhone and iPod Touch and as a bonus it will have something that both the iPhone and iPod lack…. RADIO!  It’s going to sport an HD Radio turner so you can tune into radio stations from the device.  This normally isn’t a big thing but I think radio is still a pretty powerful and it gives you some variety away from your playlists and podcasts.  I’ll eagerly await the next version of Windows Mobile but if nothing compelling comes out in terms of device and OS, I might be iPhone bound come next July (if AT&T will let me upgrade using the new contract price or else I’m stuck till November 2010).