Keeping Connected with FaceTime

In a little more than 24 hours I'll be on a plane to go to work in Jersey City from Monday through Friday. This is one of the more painful aspects of my chosen career because of the heavy travel requirements and time away from home. Slowly but surely I have introduced a ton of … Continue reading Keeping Connected with FaceTime

One Week to Go

In a little over one week I have to start traveling again for work. I've been on compensatory since December and I gotta say that I've loved it so far. I have enjoyed working from home and being able to spend time with my family since the holidays. I guess in the mean time I … Continue reading One Week to Go

ITIL RCV Passed!

Today I passed my test so I can say I'm certified in ITIL Release, Control, and Validation. All last week I was in class so that I cold get enough hours so I could take my test today. Truthfully I could have taken the test on Friday afternoon but I wanted a little extra time … Continue reading ITIL RCV Passed!

Netflix Original Content is Quite Good

This weekend I started watching House of Cards which is a Netflix exclusive show, much like Lilyhammer which I just finished a few months ago. I have to admit that the show is very good and in only 2 days I've already gone through 6 episodes which is a lot for me in only one … Continue reading Netflix Original Content is Quite Good