Post Number 1000!!

I started blogging in 2005 and after 9 years I've finally hit 1000 blog posts.  A lot has definitely changed in 9 years since I started my blog.  If I hit the time machine button, I can tell you that I was living in Tampa FL when I first started my blog and my posts … Continue reading Post Number 1000!!

Tablets in the Air

Tablets truly rule the First Class cabin on domestic flights.  I'm on my 3rd flight of 2014 (this was last week btw) and I'm in First Class for the second time and all I can see from the people sitting around me are nothing but tablets.  I am personally using my iPad Mini with Retina … Continue reading Tablets in the Air

Using the Unused

As I start 2014 I'm going to start trying out more of the apps that I've downloaded to my iPad mini that I have basically neglected. One of those is Pages. This is the word processing program by Apple to rival apps like Google Docs and Microsoft Office. When it comes to work I have … Continue reading Using the Unused

Let 2014 travel begin!

My 2014 travel has begun and so far it has been quite good to me. I'm continuing to take United Airlines for my flights because this is the only airline in which I have any status anymore. Not only did I get TSA PreCheck, I also got a first class upgrade this morning. Overall that … Continue reading Let 2014 travel begin!

Windows 8 is a FAIL

Okie dokie.  I've been a Windows user since I was a freshman in highschool and back then I wasn't even allowed into Windows unless my teacher said I could go because the programs that I was using were DOS based (thats Disk Operating System to you youngins).  Windows 3.0 and 3.1 were pretty horrible.  There … Continue reading Windows 8 is a FAIL