Shot on my iPhone 6

New photo added to "Camera Roll"

I’ve taken a lot of pictures on my iPhone since I got it two years ago but I’ve mainly been using it for family shots.  Every once in a while I get a shot thats pretty awesome but I rarely share it online except maybe on the occasional Tweet or maybe a Facebook post.  I did share a bunch of photos once but that was when I was in Washington DC and that was definitely many years ago.

This particular shot I took this morning when I went to some Secret Park in Broward County. I took this just using my regular iPhone camera app, I’ve tried a few apps here and there but I always revert back to the original camera app since it seems to be the fastest option when my phone is locked and I want to take a quick snap shot.

New photo added to "Camera Roll"

This was another shot that I took using my iPhone 6 using the panoramic feature.  I was up on the 70th floor of the Westin overlooking Centennial Park in Atlanta.  I’ve taken a few pictures with my iPhone 6s that I use for work but I limit the pictures I take with that because I don’t know if work monitors what photos I take with it or not and I prefer to keep work and personal life as separate as possible.

What I was trying to look for was a way to submit some of my more awesome photos on that “Shot on iPhone” campaign that Apple was doing but I wasn’t able to find a way to do it.  I did see that Apple probably just trolls the public feed of places like Flickr so I changed the photos that I have on this blog post to public, maybe one of them will make it to the website or a billboard.  I’m off on another trip next week but its only to Atlanta which I’ve been to a few times already so there isn’t much to take pictures of unless its of a sporting event or something.  However Beyonce is supposed to be there next week, maybe I’ll be able to catch a snap shot of her leaving her concert or something.


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