Apple TV on the Road

In my constant hunt to be entertained while on the road I decided to take one of my Apple TV’s on the road with me to see if I can use it at my hotels. I decided to bring my Apple TV 2 since it’s the older model but technically it’s the same as my AppleTV 3. There is a little more involvement in the amount of equipment that I have to bring with me compared to the Chromecast. The Chromecast is fairly simple, it’s a dongle and power cord that attaches to the HDMI port on the back of the TV. The Apple TV has the unit, power cord, HDMI cable, and the remote.

The hardest part is trying to get everything connected to the same network. To get around this I got a travel router but I think the past few times I’ve used it I was using the wrong mode. Out of the box the router is set up as a wireless access point. I tried this at first but I was unable to get my Apple TV online to stream Netflix. I was able to use AirPlay just fine but only for stuff that was stored on my iPad or my iPhone. What I ended up doing this morning as I was messing around with my setup was to change the settings to make my wireless router act as a router. Surprisingly this is what made everything work. I was able to connect just fine to Netflix and start streaming movies. I also only had to login once using my iPad mini to the hotel network and then my router started broadcasting a signal that all my other devices could take advantage of.

I’m going to try it again tonight to see if the setup will still work and I’m pretty sure it will. I left my Chromecast at home so I don’t know if it’s the TV or the network that was the problem. I suspect it’s the TV since it keeps on saying there is nothing hooked up to the port. I think I’ll bring the Chromecast next week just to be sure of my suspicions. If that’s the case ill wait until I have enough points at Amex to get another Apple TV. Technically I’m waiting for the next Apple TV to see if they made any significant changes that would compel me to buy it for my house first. In the mean time, the Chromecast will remain a fun toy. I heard that they just opened the SDK so there could be a lot of new apps that are available for the Chromecast to use in the near future. Too bad I don’t own any other Android devices, I’m sure it would be epic!

Maybe a cheap nexus tablet is in my future? I guess that depends on how good Chromecast gets with their new apps.