Wednesday nights are kick ass

There are only 2 reasons why I would say Wednesday nights are kick ass.

Number 1: South Park

Number 2: Mind of Mencia

These two shows alone make Wednesday night TV worth while. I wasn’t a big fan of Drawn Together so I’m glad they were moved over so Mind of Mencia could be put in after South Park. Now I have a whole hour of good TV on Wednesdays 🙂


Haircuts make my head cold

I’m sure this might be something that apply’s mostly to guys but whenever I get a haircut my head feels cooler. I go about 4-6 weeks between haricuts so my hair is decently long by the time I actually get it cut. After I do get it cut it feels a bit drafty for a while and it takes some getting used to. On the upside, my hats don’t feel so tight anymore when I wear them 🙂

At home once again

I’m here at home telecommuting. I must say that I like doing this every once in a while. Not only do I get to spend some time at home with my cats who I don’t see all that often except at night, but I get to eat some decent food other than soup for lunch. The downside is that the network isn’t as fast as it is at work and I’m missing my 18″ LCD display too since that helps me do my job so much faster than just using my regular laptop monitor. I can’t complain since I’m doing work and enjoying the company of my cats on a Friday 🙂

Chef is dead!! Or is he???

Last nights South Park was AWESOME! For those of you that missed it stop reading right now! Anyway, I missed last seasons finale so I didn’t know that Chef left to become part of the Super Adventure Club. In this episode he comes back and since Isaac Hayes didn’t do any of the voice overs, they spliced together his dialogue from all the episodes done in the past. This was kick ass because it added to the effect that he was brain washed. The ending though is the best part. Not only do they somewhat “kill” Chef, they use bits of Star Wars Episode III and bring him back so he looks like a Chef version of Darth Vader! LOL!! Can’t wait to see what the rest of this season holds 🙂

The NY FBI can’t afford email?!?!?!

I found this article in CNN rather disturbing. I don’t get how a Federal law enforcement organization can’t afford email! Email is one of the best tools on the planet for information sharing. I understand that it takes money to set up servers, pay for software, back everything up to tape, and have people monitor the system so it doesn’t go down but this is just silly. Google gives you 2 gigs of free email, I’m sure they’d be willing to cut the government a contract or something to host their email in a secure facility if the feds would stop sueing them!

Now this is really cool!

I just read this article in the NY Times about how people here in the US are starting to use their cell phones as credit cards. I’ve heard about this kind of thing before but right now its really only hot in Japan and parts of Europe. However the prospect of just putting my phone up to a plate on a Coke machine and getting a soda really appeals to me. I’m one of those people that really don’t carry cash around anymore because its just easier to charge everything. Having my credit card embedded into my phone would totally kick ass and since I have a Treo I’m sure there will be some software that will let me see everything I’ve charged and I’ll be able to send all that stuff to my PC so I can make sure that what iI’ve charged on my phone syncs up with the bank. I say BRING IT! If they include it in the next Treo I buy (which will be in a couple years since I just got this one), I’ll definately scrap a few credit cards and just use my phone for everything! 🙂