Wednesday nights are kick ass

There are only 2 reasons why I would say Wednesday nights are kick ass.Number 1: South ParkNumber 2: Mind of MenciaThese two shows alone make Wednesday night TV worth while. I wasn't a big fan of Drawn Together so I'm glad they were moved over so Mind of Mencia could be put in after South … Continue reading Wednesday nights are kick ass

Chef is dead!! Or is he???

Last nights South Park was AWESOME! For those of you that missed it stop reading right now! Anyway, I missed last seasons finale so I didn't know that Chef left to become part of the Super Adventure Club. In this episode he comes back and since Isaac Hayes didn't do any of the voice overs, … Continue reading Chef is dead!! Or is he???

The NY FBI can’t afford email?!?!?!

I found this article in CNN rather disturbing. I don't get how a Federal law enforcement organization can't afford email! Email is one of the best tools on the planet for information sharing. I understand that it takes money to set up servers, pay for software, back everything up to tape, and have people monitor … Continue reading The NY FBI can’t afford email?!?!?!

I’m a Trend Micro PUG!

I'm sure people are scratching their heads about the title. Who is Trend Micro and what the heck is a PUG? First off, Trend Micro is an antivirus software company. Anyone who uses MSN Hotmail uses Trend Micro virus protection. It's pretty well known and I've been a loyal user since I was in college. … Continue reading I’m a Trend Micro PUG!

Boo to my apartment complex

Yesterday I received a notice from the property managers that all the apartments in my complex are going to be converted into condo's by next year but they're begining the process already. Right now they're not accepting new renters, the management people have actually moved the office to an apartment to make way for the … Continue reading Boo to my apartment complex