Off to Ohio

I finally got my first assignment!Because of all the many documents I signed I can't say who I'm working for and all that jazz but I can say that I'm going to Ohio which means its time to break out the winter jacket because its going to be COLD up there. :)I'll probably blog on … Continue reading Off to Ohio

I’m a Mac, I’m a PC advertising failing in UK

My buddy Wyatt sent me this article and its damn funny. I will also say that I am one of the proud PC users on this planet that hate using Mac's so this article almost made me bust a gut. It has to be read with a British accent to get the full effect.,,2006031,00.htmlHappy … Continue reading I’m a Mac, I’m a PC advertising failing in UK

What happened to the weather?

I don't know what happened with the weather recently but its been pretty cold down here in South Florida. Normally I think people down here are used to temperatures around the mid 60's but its been around the low 50's this weekend which is kind of unusual if you ask me. I mean this is … Continue reading What happened to the weather?

Florida car insurance stinks

I was all ready today to get some new car insurance because I thought that my old policy was kind of expensive. Well as it turns out a lot of Floriduh car insurance places want you to get your car inspected for damage before they'll enable your policy. I did this once in Tampa and … Continue reading Florida car insurance stinks