Off to Ohio

I finally got my first assignment!

Because of all the many documents I signed I can’t say who I’m working for and all that jazz but I can say that I’m going to Ohio which means its time to break out the winter jacket because its going to be COLD up there. 🙂

I’ll probably blog on the go and maybe even post pictures from my Treo. The only bad part? I have to wake up super early to catch my flight on Monday mornings.


I’m a Mac, I’m a PC advertising failing in UK

My buddy Wyatt sent me this article and its damn funny. I will also say that I am one of the proud PC users on this planet that hate using Mac’s so this article almost made me bust a gut. It has to be read with a British accent to get the full effect.,,2006031,00.html

Happy reading!

A really tall ladder

Yesterday I helped my father in law install a chandelier in my sister in laws place. The one thing that was kind of odd with this job was that the ceiling was 15 feet tall! So I went with my father in law to Home Depot and he rented a 14 foot tall A ladder so it would reach the ceiling. This ladder was really heavy and we had to put it on my wife’s Xterra so we could transport it to the house. Putting it up didn’t seem to be that difficult but thats because my father in law did most of the work. We were going to use the ladder to put up some additional ceiling fans in my house but the ladder was way too tall. My wife made the suggestion to get the Little Giant Ladder that we always see on infomercials on Sunday mornings. I agree that we’ll probably need it when hurricane season arrives so we can put up the hurricane shutters that they gave us when we bought the house. Now I just need garage shelves and I think a lot of the major stuff will be done. Then decorating will be the last thing and the house shall be complete!

What happened to the weather?

I don’t know what happened with the weather recently but its been pretty cold down here in South Florida. Normally I think people down here are used to temperatures around the mid 60’s but its been around the low 50’s this weekend which is kind of unusual if you ask me. I mean this is supposed to be one of the warmest areas of the country in the winter but this is just nuts. I know my northern brethren will probably think I’m a wuss because I’m writing how its only the 50’s and they’re in the single digits but I have nothing else to write about really. Well I have work tomorrow and I have to find a client to get assigned to and finish training.

ATL Link

I traveled to Atlanta this week and the trip to here wasn't bad at all. The only thing I have to complain about is the shuttle service back to the airport. The shuttle was scheduled to be here at 5:15 and right now its after 6:00 and it still hasn't shown up. This kind of poor service seriously pisses me off. If its not here by 6:15, I'm paying the extra cost for a cab because this sucks! Next time I'm renting a car if I'm allowed to or taking a cab.

I spoke too soon……..

My iPod died again last night when I was trying to update it. I was just adding some songs to it and then all of a sudden it totally reset and now there are no more songs on it again. I’ll try again tonight to re-fill it with songs. I did discover that my wife moved some songs out of my music folders last night by accident so I had to hunt for them on her MP3 player. Good thing Media Monkey is good at scanning my hard drive for new stuff or telling me if something is missing.

I think I still might get an iPod to replace my current one if it totally dies. I went to Best Buy this past weekend just to look at surround sound bundles just in case we wanted to upgrade the sound in the bedroom since the plasma is in there and all that. I decided to look at MP3 players as well and none of them really impressed me that much. The one thing that I will probably hate about getting a new MP3 player is that I’m going to have to buy a lot of accessories along with it again. Since I have most of the accessories that an iPod needs already, it makes sense just to buy a new one. I think I’ve settled on getting the 8GB Nano because I don’t want another hard drive based iPod. Just shaking the thing will cause the needle to hit the platters and thats definitely not a good and I will be doing a bit more traveling too in the near future.

Now all I need to do is get a car with native MP3 support and I’ll be in heaven, the Lexus IS350 is looking kinda good right now, it will go well with the Lexus RX350 that my wife wants…. 😉