Broke down and got the Apple Watch 3

After much delay I finally decided to get an Apple Watch 3.  It was mainly driven by the reduced price that I could get through work (who can say no to $150 off?) and the fact that my original Apple Watch starts running out of power at 6PM.  I’m pretty sure I’ve ranted about this before and that I wouldn’t get a new watch till number 4 came out.  I got the exact same watch as my wife which is the Apple Watch Nike Edition, the difference being is that mine is a 42MM and hers is 38MM.  It’s very nice that I can go ahead and re-use my link band from the original Apple Watch, it doesn’t look as snazzy as when I had it with the chrome finished Apple Watch edition but it still looks good enough to me.

I got the LTE version and I might be activating the LTE on it just to give it a try.  my wife has the LTE edition too but she doesn’t want to go running outside, too many snakes and other vermin in my neighborhood that she doesn’t want to deal with but I want to use mine for going out and walking the dog or going to the nice walking area outside of my hotel without my phone but still be able to get my text messages.  I’ve watched reviews saying that the LTE is hit or miss but that was a while ago when the watch first came out and there have been a few updates since then.  I’m sure its better now but I just don’t feel like dealing with the $10 a month that I’mg going to have to pay.  We’ll see how useful it is, I think I have a month to try it out and see how it is.

So far, the watch is noticeably faster than my original one, thats to be expected since its 3 years behind in terms of technology and speed.  The battery part was never its strong suit but the increased battery life of this Apple Watch is just awesome.  My wife doesn’t make fun of me anymore when my watch turns off, even after putting it on power save mode.  Siri is also way more useful too, it actually responds in a decent time frame rather than just sitting there spinning and then timing out since it can’t figure out what I wanted.  Most of the stock apps are also very good too now, I’ve made good use of the work out app during this weekend and I’ve been closing my rings without having to worry about the watch running out of power as it counts steps or how many times I’ve done the water rower.

I have to say that I’m happy with my purchase of the Watch 3.  I shouldn’t have waited so long but I was skeptical of upgrading.  I’ve been trying to reduce my upgrade cycle, not really because I can’t afford the new toy, but its more evaluating if I need the latest and greatest toy (case in point my iPhone 7 and iPad Air 2).  Both still work great, although I want something that can use an Apple Pencil.  The iPhone I won’t be replacing until maybe 2019, unless something truly WOW comes out in September with the newer phones.  Now I just have to wait for the box so I can recycle my old Apple Watch, this way I’ll at least recoup another $75.  Money is money after all!


2018 Jeep Wrangler is meh…..

I had the good fortune to change things up a bit this week. I was able to get a Jeep Wrangler Sahara as a rental. I normally get a GM because of CarPlay but since this was available I thought, why not its supposed to be a fun car to drive. The specs are on the internet so I won’t really go into that but needless to say, I’m not very impressed with the Jeep as a car. I guess its because I value speed rather than off-road capability. This car is SLOW. The pick up is pretty terrible compared to my minivan and my sedan that I have at home. I guess its because I’m spoiled by the power that both cars have and the fact that they both can get up to 70 mph in short order.

The doors are a pain in the ass, you need a lot of force to close them. You really got put some oomph and slam the doors closed. It’s hard to see but there are running boards on this thing but they’re too high, when you use them you then have to duck into the Jeep. Talk about terrible user design! I’ll admit, the Jeep looks really cool but its not comfortable, gets terrible gas mileage, can’t accelerate fast on the highway, there’s really not a lot to like about this thing.

I would like to take the top off but that requires 2 people to accomplish when it has a hard top. I’m glad for my Hertz Presidents Circle status, it gives me the opportunity to try out some cool cars sometimes. I’ve wanted a Jeep in the past but now after actually driving it for a few days, I can say that I’ll never own one of these things. Along with most American cars I’ve driven as rentals. It would seem that the cars I like the least come from Chrysler (the 200 is an abomination that shouldn’t be sold to the general public). I think I’ve been fine with the Dodge Charger and maybe their pick up trucks but thats about all.

I’ll keep running around for the rest of the week in the Jeep, it was funny but I knew after the first 5 minutes of driving the Jeep I hated the thing. Too bad it was too late to return it to Hertz to get another car. Let’s see what car I get next week, maybe it will be something like the Infiniti Q60 I got that time at Melville NY or maybe I’ll give the new Camry a spin.

Driving the Infiniti Q60 3.0T AWD…. what?

Last week I had the pleasure to drive around in an Infiniti Q60.  My good fortune is attributed to landing really late at night and there not being any other cars in the Hertz lot and my Presidents Circle status.  One of the things that are crazy about Japanese cars is their branding.  Lots of letters and numbers in the title so when you talk to someone it sounds like you’re a scientist or something.  Even I have a hard time telling people what it is I rented since it doesn’t have a cool name that stands out, just a model number for the most part.

Anyway, this car was really FAST!  It had a 3.0 turbo under the hood but since I had to drive on Long Island and the LIE, there was no where to really test out all the muscle under the hood.  This car is truly wasted in the NY Metro area since the speed limit is 55mph, there are cops everywhere, and the pot holes in the road just ruin the otherwise very smooth ride.  I will say that climbing hills was a lot of fun, just slam on the gas and zip up to the top and leave the little Hyundai tailgating me in the dust!  I don’t know how many gears the transmission had but it had a nice manual mode which is also wasted in NY Metro and I appreciated that it wasn’t paddle shifters but the actual floor shifter that is used to move from gear to gear.

As with most sports cars, the interior is cramped but at least the trunk was big enough to hold my backpack and my rollerboard suitcase with ease unlike the Camero SS convertible I had that one time in California.  There IS a feature to have a map but since the SD card with the map data isn’t in the car it just showed a blank screen, slightly annoying and there was also no CarPlay.  I had my phone mount which made it not so bad but the infotainment needs an update to support CarPlay or Android Auto.  I guess overall not a bad car as a rental but I still wouldn’t buy one myself.  Surprisingly I still like running around in my Honda Accord or Honda Odyssey than most of the cars that I end up renting.  Too bad Hertz doesn’t invest in Honda’s as rental cars, I think a lot of people would like renting those cars compared to some of the ones they offer currently.

I wonder what car I’ll be able to rent this week….. another Chevy Malibu or Impala perhaps?  At least those have CarPlay 🙂