Car woes

This past week hasn't been a good week. My wife's car decided to die on her and wouldn't start at all come Tuesday morning when she had to go to work. That was a real bummer because no matter what she did and no matter what suggestions I made to her over the phone the … Continue reading Car woes

Airlines to Charge for Second Bag

I read this article on the NY Times today about airlines starting to charge people for checking in a second bag. I personally don't check bags in when I'm flying if I can help it but this will make things a bit worse as people try and carry things on the plane. I read quite … Continue reading Airlines to Charge for Second Bag

Courtyard Marriott Collierville near Memphis

I am near Memphis working at my client and I'm staying that the Courtyard Marriott Collierville. This is a brand new hotel (as in 3 months old) and its totally awesome. It's situated right in the middle of an outdoor mall. There is a Macy's and Dillards as the anchor stores and all the other … Continue reading Courtyard Marriott Collierville near Memphis

I forgot something in the last post…

OK I forgot one more reason why I've got a hate on for Marriott right now. I have no access to Comedy Central. This is very a very important channel for me to have. They have Futurama, Lil Bush, and most important of all, SOUTH PARK!! I'm hoping that they have it in Memphis when … Continue reading I forgot something in the last post…

Marriotts Suck!

I'm in Dallas this week meeting with my boss to get some back ground information on my new client. I'm staying at the Marriott Las Colinas, one of the newer Marriott properties around this area I guess, at least thats what the website tells me. I have Silver status with Marriott which is pretty easy … Continue reading Marriotts Suck!

Flying First Class Rules

This week is awesome because I am flying first class on Continental Airlines to Houston. Normally I'm supposed to be flying in coach but this week was a little unusual. first off I booked my flight super late so there was limited availability. Second the flight I tried to book myself on had a connecting … Continue reading Flying First Class Rules

Am I at Yankee Stadium?

This past Friday the wife and I went to Dolphin Stadium to catch a Yankees v Marlins game. Our seats were pretty good, on the second tier just below the luxery boxes. Unfortunately the Yankees lost the game but thats not the point of this post. The really weird thing about the game was that … Continue reading Am I at Yankee Stadium?