You suck iTunes!

Now that that is out of the way, I'll tell you why.  iTunes is used for a ton of shit  by Apple, by far the only thing I really want to use it for is to backup and restore iDevices that I own.  The process itself is too time consuming, it literally takes hours for … Continue reading You suck iTunes!

Trying out Plex

The black Friday deals were so good this year that I was able to pick up a portable 2TB drive on eBay.  I decided to make a copy of my media drive and attach it to my desktop computer and install Plex Media server on it.  I've been trying it out for the past week … Continue reading Trying out Plex

Winter Cleaning for the MacBook Pro

Normally people use Spring as the season to clean things up since its the time that people can leave their houses after Winter. Since I'm cleaning up my MacBook Pro and its sunny in Florida, I figure why not use my daughters nap times to do some cleaning up. I know where most of the … Continue reading Winter Cleaning for the MacBook Pro

Contemplating the iOS 4 Upgrade

I read recently that a new jailbreak has come out called for iOS4.  The coming of the jailbreak has gotten me thinking about finally doing the upgrade to iOS4 once again.  I initially refused to do the upgrade because I would lose all my jailbreak apps.  I don't rely on a lot of them … Continue reading Contemplating the iOS 4 Upgrade

iTunes 9

Apple recently released iTunes 9 along with a whole host of upgraded iPod's that should be coming out soon.  There was also a small upgrade to the iPhone/iPod Touch firmware which I downloaded but I'm still looking for what changed.  The new iTunes is pretty slick but it keeps most of the same functionality. The … Continue reading iTunes 9