iTunes 9

Apple recently released iTunes 9 along with a whole host of upgraded iPod’s that should be coming out soon.  There was also a small upgrade to the iPhone/iPod Touch firmware which I downloaded but I’m still looking for what changed.  The new iTunes is pretty slick but it keeps most of the same functionality.

The big improvements are the iTunes Store which got a much needed face lift.  It makes it easier to navigate to look for songs, apps, movies, etc.  I still think the best way to get music for my iPod is using the built in iTunes software on my iPod.  For some reason it just seems to be better than using the PC version.  I don’t know about the Mac version but I’m suspecting that both look pretty similar.

The best thing is that you can now manage what your iPhone/iPod Touch screens look like.  This was probably the single best feature of the entire upgrade because now I can use a PC to move apps around instead of having to drag it with my finger to other pages to re-arrange my apps to my liking.  There were some other major changes but I haven’t tried any of them out.  A lot of it revolves around the improved Genius function which will select music that is similar to what you normally listen to or mark with 5 stars or something like that.

One function that really interests me is this new home sharing function.  I watched the intro video and supposedly I can share my home library with my other computers that use the same user name and password for my iTunes account.  I only have my home desktop currently but I do have my work laptop.  I don’t really want to install it on my work laptop but I might try it on a virtual machine if I have enough room.

The new iPod Nano is super sweet with its new video camera and FM tuner.  The Touch is really unchanged except for increasing the storage to 64GB.  I’m guessing that if the iPod increased its storage capacity by 32GB, the iPhone can’t be far behind.  We’ll see what the next year brings.  Maybe iPhone will be in my future if there is that much storage on the iPhone 🙂


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